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1219 head of stock
397 Cattle,379 Sheep,443 Pigs
Cattle back on average but a lesser show for quality
187 Clean cattle averaged 215.7
Heifers avg 224p Steers avg 203
Bulls avg 186p overall Heavy bulls 197.6p
Heavy steers to £1655 for 790kg Limx
£1634 for 762kg Limx
Top steers per kg 240.5p for 612kg BBx
Heavy heifers to £1732 for 782kg Lim
Per kg to 273.5p for 478kg BBx
268.5p for 494kgf Limx
Bulls topped per head at
£1838 for 886kg Lim
£1796 for 874kg Limx
Best per kg 231.5p for 588kg Limx
227.5p for 568kg Limx
Heavy cows to £1269 for 1062kg
167.5p for 716kg BBx
Best lambs to 200p/kg for 42kg Beltexx
194.9p(£76) 39kg Beltexx
Heavy lambs to £92 for 57kg Beltex /Charx
Ewes to £94 for Texel cross,£78 Suffx
A good entry of pigs sold to 124p/kg for
Cutter & bacon weight pigs
Sows to 46p to average 38.5p
Must be getting colder woolly
hat needed in sheep alleys today

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