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SATURDAY 20th February

Forward 425  head of stock comprising

118 Store Cattle,74 Store Sheep &243 Store Pigs

Store cattle in demand with a strong show of storebulls.

A larger show of cows & over thirty month cattle saw

strong returns with this section giving the highest price

on the day with a BB cow weighing 894kg selling at

£1770 or 198p/kg from R Sweeting,Cumberworth

Top price on the day £1405 for a 12 month old

Simx heifer from P Jennings & Son

Top price Lim bull £1270 from N leighton

Top price Store Cattle:

Limxhfr £1300 & £1295,Lim Str £1185,

Charxhfrs £1160 R Iredale& Sons

Lim hfr £1140 D I Hirst

Limxhfr £1135 E Lister & Son

Limxhfrs £1120 & £985 RJ Reddish


Lim £1270 N Leighton

Limousin £1200 DI Hirst

Limx £1170 & £970 JF & RW Shipley

Limx £1100,£1090,£1045,£1040 M & K Farrar

Lim £1090 E Birch & Sons

Blonde £1075 & £1070 WB & S Shaw

Younger Stores

Limx strs £940 & £870 G Hobson

Limx str £845 &BBx str £750,BBxhfr £705

 RJ Wagstaff

AAx str £720 Goodall Farming


Limousin bull 850kg £1479(174p/kg) CR Platt

Lim cow 892kg £1373(154p/kg) Goldthorpe & Sons

Lim cow 754kg £1349(179p/kg) S & P Padfield

Blonde cow 804kg £1286(160p/kg) CR Platt

Store Sheep

Hogg trade still buoyant with s Texel cross hoggs

selling to a top of £126 E Stonehouse & Son


Texx £119,£99 E Stonehouse & Son

Texx £114 M Kinnes

Downx £96 A Jackson

Texx ewe & twin lambs £180



£118,£116,£110 L Schofield


£82,£78,£74 J Webster

£80 D Barraclough

£64 M Oades

£64 KD Hardwick

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Selby Livestock Auction Mart, Bawtry Road, Selby YO8 8NB

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