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Forward 1409 head of stock inc. 
429 Cattle,534 Pigs & 446 Sheep

Cattle meeting a flying trade with over 400 forward.
A cracking show for numbers and quality of bulls saw 
210 bulls average 212p/kg with heavy bulls @ 218p.
Top price per kg 670kg Bazidaise @ 254.5p(£1705) from
WH Farrow & Sons,Alford,and a top per head 
of £2080(237.5p) for a Charolais cross from 
ER Hyde & Sons,West Ardsley
British Friesan bulls to 213.5p/kg for 594kg,S Wiles & Son 
184 Clean cattle topped at 
285.5p/kg for 528kg Lim from
Ian Swales,Rawcliffe Bridge
54 Steers avg 224p/kg,129 Heifers 235 p/kg

🏁Cattle price per kg:🏁 
528kg Lim @ 285.5p(£1507),Ian Swales to P Binns,Shipley
Limx 560kg @ 274.5(£1537),S Wildman & Son to 
A Wright & Son,Boston
Limx 470kg @ 269.5p,T & MA Gratton to J & B Fitton
Limx 516kg @ 268.5,C Goulsbra
Lim 542kg 266.5,WO Milner & Sons
Lim 612kg 265.5.H Kealey & Sons
BBx 566kg 264.5,AL Ablewhite 
BBx 538kg,262.5,Char 514kg 260.5
Lim 598kg @ 266.5p(£1593),GC Raper to A Wright & Son
BBx 582kg @ 263.5p,GC Raper to S Voase & A Jones
Lim 556kg @ 262.5p,C Goulsbra
574kg Lim @ 257.5p,H Kealey & Sons both to 
R Pearson & Sons
BBx 528kg 252.5p,J Button
Limx 606kg 252.5p,S Wildman & Son
Blonde 536kg 250.5p,J Button
Blonde 600kg 249.5,Lim 566kg 248.5,BB 584kg 248.5. 
Bazidaise 670kg @ 254.5p,WH Farrow & Sons 
to Woolley Brothers
Lim 622kg @ 252.5p,Corridan Farms
Limx 616kg @ 251.5,JE Simpson & Sons
both to R Pearson & Sons
736kg Lim @ 250.5(£1843)S Dore & Sons
to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
Lim 634kg @ 249.5,CN Warkup & Sons
Lim 706kg 249.5,J & JI Booth
BB 584kg 249.5,RA Durdy. 
B/Fries 594kg @213.5,532kg @ 213.5
S Wiles & Son
622kg @ 209.5,SG Wilkinson,
578kg 208.5 S Wiles & Son 
Limx str 770kg 217.5
BBx hfr 714kg 213.5
Lim 552kg 209.5
Char cow 740kg 189.5
Lim cow 778kg 185.5,
BBx 698kg £1699,SR Atkinson
Blonde 766kg £1673,H Kealey & Son
Lim 664kg £1616,GH Crapper & Son
Lim 654kg £1599,S Wildman & Son
Lim 660kg £1593,T & MA Gratton
Lim 598kg £1593,GC Raper
BB 582kg £1533,Lim 606kg £1530
Lim 706kg £1782,612kg £1624 H Kealey & Sons
Lim 608kg £1577,Ian Swales
Lim 658kg £1569,RA & E Smith
Char 646kg £1547,H Kealey & Sons
Lim 560kg £1537,S Wildman & Son
Char 876kg £2080,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 996kg £1967,Heald & Co
Lim 812kg £1936,J & JR Appleby,
Lim 816kg £1897,J & JI Booth
Char 808kg £1894,Lim 806kg £1857
Lim 744kg £1848Lim 736kg £1843
Lim 766kg £1842
B/Fries:622kg £1303,SG Wilkinson
594kg £1268,S Wiles & Son
640kg £1251,JR Roe
652kg £1229,JD Marsh 
Lim str 770kg £1674,
BBx hfr 714kg £1524
Blonde cow 872kg £1469
Lim cow 778kg £1443
A larger show of pigs with 529 forward saw trade 
easier on the week.
Gilts:100kg @ 144p,C & J Creaser to 
RM Kealey Butchers
103kg @ 140,C & J Creaser to 
W Fletcher & Son.
101kg @ 133p,Crosshills Pigs Ltd.
Gilts 108kg @ £145.50,104kg @ £144.75
Sows to 47p
Rouge cross 50 kg £117,50kg £116
47kg £113,RG Makin
Texel 50kg £110,RQ Richmond
Texx 50kg £110 RC Reed
Rouge cross 47kg 240p
50kg 234p & 232p,RG Makin
Texel cross 229p M & K Watson,
Beltexx 41kg 229p,J & P Whitton
Rouge £116,Texel £90,Suffx £87

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