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More stock about and good trade 
across the board.
307 Cattle,623 Sheep & 456 Pigs
Clean cattle numbers up with bull numbers similar.
Heavy bulls a strong trade with 
836kg Lim to £1960-,234.5p
840kg Lim to £1852-220.5p
780kg Limx 229.5p £1790
668kg Limx 221.5p £1479
Some cracking heifers forward topped at
260.5p for 516kg Charx (£1344)
258.5p for 508kg BBx (£1313)
256.5p for 550kg Charx (£1410)
256.5p for 516kg LImx(£1323)
Best per head £1499 fo 662kg Blonde(226.5p)
£1456 for 692kg Limx 
£1453 for 656kg Limx
Steers to 232.5p for 546kg Limx
227.5p for 508kg Limx
226.5p for 566kg Limx & 570kg BBx
£1608 for 736kg Limx (218.5p)
£1463 for 712kg Limx
Heavy Blonde cows to £1363 for 950kg
BBx £1134 for 802kg
Heifers avg 217,Steers 208.6
Bulls overall 180.5,Heavy Continentals 204p
Some great runs of Hoggs met a great trade to
£140 for 51kg Beltexx
£139 for 59kg Texx
£138 for 54kg Texels
£137 for 57kg Texx
Per kg to 297.5p(£119) for 40kg Beltex
290.5p(£125) for 43kg Beltexx
276p for 42kg Texelx
Ewes averaged £90.87 to£130 for Texels
£120 fo Contx,£118 Suffx
Pigs firmer on the week to
144p/k/g for 95kg gilts
140p/kg for 92kg gilts
£155.50 for 115kg gilts
£150.75 for 111kg gilts
£144.97 for 109kg gilts
Sows to 78p averaged 70

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