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Wednesday 13th May – Market Report

Forward 1503 head of stock inc. 414 Cattle, 342 Pigs & 747 Sheep

Steers: Med 223.5p av 200.8p Heavy 230.5p av 200.4p
Heifers: Med 236.5p av 201.6p, Heavy 251.5p av 207p
Bulls: Med 208.5p av 162p, Heavy 225.5p av 190.6p
OTM: 209.5p av 162p
Cows: 184.5p av 141p.

✨✨New Season lambs:
32-39kg – 308p avg 270p.
39-45kg – 312p avg 277p.
Hoggs: Med 222p av 201p Heavy 218p avg 196p.
Ewes to £105 av £72.76

76-85kg – 134p av 121p,
86-104kg – 159p av 130.7p,
Over 104kg – 151p av 129p
Sows 50 p av 45.5p

🐮🐮 Cattle price per kg:
Top price Steer 230.5p/kg for 562kg Bazx from
AC Adlard & Sons to J Robertshaw,Bradford Also Blonde 602kg 225.5p, Blonde 622kg @224.5p, Limx 528kg @ 223.5p, Limx 546kg @223.5p
Top price Heifer per kg: 251.5p/kg for 548kg BBx from I Swales to D Broster Ltd Also BBx 534kg @ 247.5p, Limx 506kg @ 246.5p,
Limx 558kg @ 245.5, Blonde 516kg @ 244.5p.
Top price Bull per kg: Limx 558kg @ 225.5p from Goodall Farming to J & B Fitton , Also to 224.5p for 610kg Limx, 220.5p @ 586kg Limx, 219.5p @ 656kg Limx.
OTMS: BBx str 558kg @ 209.5p, Bazx Cow 528kg @195.5p,
Per head:
Steers: Limx 766kg @ £1650, Limx 764kg @ £1585,Limx 708kg @£1518 all from FM Westaby.
Heifers: Limx 662kg @ £1506 from CJ Brownbridge & Sons,
Limousin 672kg @ £1448 from JW Fieldson, Also Limx 622kg @ £1446, BBx 616kg @ £1432.
Bulls: Sim 864kg @ £1671 form S Dore & Sons to Worsley Wholesale Meat, Also Lim 776kg @ £1649, ER Hyde & Son, Limx 752kg @ £1598, Sim 796kg @ £1580.
OTMS: Lim cow 712kg @ £1320 ,Limx str 694kg @ £1301, Lim cow 760kg @ £1280.
Cows: AAx 820kg @ £1463, Lim 784kg @£1446, Limousin 830kg @£1381

🐷🐷 Pigs Per kg: Gilts: 103kg @ 159 from C & J Creaser to Rose Cottage Butchers, Also 100kg @ 157p, 90kg 155p .
Per head: Gilts 110kg @ £165.37, 108kg @ £161.25.
Sows to 50p av 45.5p

🐑🐑New season lambs: Top price lambs per kg on the day 312p for 41kg Beltexx from RM Cornforth & Son to J & B Fitton.
Also 39kg Texx @ 207p,Texx 45kg @ 204p .
Top price per head £137 for 45kg Texx from PS Featherstone & Son to EV Slack Butchers, Wadworth, Also to £128 for 41kg Beltexx, £123 for 40kg Texel Cross.

Top price Hoggs per kg 222p(£91) for 41kg Texx from BN Bartle to EV Slack Butchers, Also to 220.5p for 44kg Beltexx, 218p for 50kg Texx. Top price per head £116 for 60kg Texx from BN Bartle also 52kg Texels to £111.
Ewes: Contx £105, Texx £104

A BIG BIG THANKYOU to all our Bake Off Team for keeping the troops fed😀😀

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