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Wednesday 15th April – Market Report


Forward 1436 head of stock inc.

404 Cattle 🐄, 520 Pigs 🐖 & 512 Sheep 🐑

🐂 Averages:Steers M 225.5p av 184 H 232.5p av 192.8p Hfrs M 263.5p av
201, H 257.5p av
208 Bulls M 223.5p av
152, H 232.5p av 198p

🐑 New Season lambs to 312.5p avg
281 Hoggs M 240.5p av 210p H 274 avg 200.4p
Ewes to £120 av £91.16,

🐖 Pigs 76-85kg 126p av 109, 86-104kg 138p av 1117p, over 104kg 133p av 107p,
Sows 81.5p av 74.5p,

🐂 Cattle price per kg:

✨Top price Steer 232.5p/kg for 574kg Limx from TR Craven to Kilham Hall Farm Shop✨
also Limx 484kg 225.5p,Limx 540kg 217.5p.

✨Top price Heifer per kg 263.5p for 418kg BBx from David Sandham to John Penny & Sons✨
also Limx 468kg 262.5,Limx 552kg 257.5p, Limx 476kg 256.5p

✨Top price Bull 232.5p for 666kg Limx (£1548) from H Waring & Son to Parkin Butchers, Crowle.✨
Lim 808kg 230.5p, Lim 782kg 229.5p, Lim 738kg 228.5p, Lim 708kg 228.5p, Lim 612kg 228.5p, 230.5p

OTMS Limx cow 720kg 186.5p, Lim 736kg 179.5p, Lim 600kg 168.5p

Per head: Strs Lim 796kg £1588, Lim 880kg £1579, Lim 744kg £1536 Hfr Limx 704kg £1601, BBx 722kg £1519 ,Lim 604kg £14825.
Bulls Limousin 884kg £1993, BBx 846kg £1924, Lim 808kg £1862, BBx 840kg £1852
OTMS Lim cow 888kg £1736, Lim cow 826kg £1523.

🐖 Pigs Per kg:
✨Gilts: 92kg 138p TL Robinson & Sons to P Binns,Shipley✨
Also 96kg 138p, 90kg 136p per head.

Per head Gilts 105kg £139.25
Sows to 81.5p av 74.5p,

🐑 New season lambs:
✨Top price lambs on the day 312.5p/kg or £125 for 40kg Texx from G Benson & Son to Worsley Wholesale Butchers✨.

Also to 300p for 40kg Texx.

✨Top price hoggs £126 or 273p/kg for 46kg Beltexx from RM Cornforth & Son to JB Fitton. ✨

Also to 240.5p for 42kg Beltex, 237p for 43kg Texel cross.
Ewes: £120 for Texel x, Texel ram £112

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