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Forward today 1019 head of stock

inc 338 Cattle,470 Pigs & 211 Sheep
Best clean cattle good to sell with
averages less overall
Heifers to 260.5p for 578kg Limx
259.5p BBx 502kg
254.5 Limx 576 kg
£1507 for 706kg Limx
£1505 for 578kg Limx
Steers to 245.5 for 532kg Blonde
234.5p for 506kg Limx
229.5p for 600kg Limx
£1526 for 702kg Limx
Bulls to 226.5p for 514kg Limx
225.5p for 668kg Limx
222.5p for 752kg Limx
Best per head £1713 for 810kg Limx
Blonde £1706 for 882kg
£1673 for 752kg Limx
Cows to 148.5p for Limx
Stock bulls 153.5p for 846kg Bazidaise
A mixed show of hoggs with best good to sell
Hoggs to 219p & £93 for 42kg Texx
216p & £92 for 43kg Texx
Ewes to £62 for Texel cross
470 pigs forward,boars harder to cash
Gilt pigs to 128p for cutter weights
125p for pork weight
Sows avg 37p to 44p

info@selbymart.co.uk 01757 703347
Selby Livestock Auction Mart, Bawtry Road, Selby YO8 8NB

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