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Forward 1630 head of stock inc. 
481 Cattle,379 Pigs & 770 Sheep
A better show of clean cattle for quality with numbers up in
all sections on last week.
161 Bulls saw the best suckler bred sorts less money than the previous two weeks with black & whites and dairy bred continentals similar.
Bulls averaged overall 182p with heavies at 193p
A good show of clean cattle saw 268 steers & heifers average 
203p overall,Medium weight hfrs 212p,Heavy heifers 209 a penny or two dearer overall than last week
253.5p(£1247) for 492kg Limx from M Eagle to A Wright & Son,
251.5p(£1202) J Gowthorpe & Son to John Penny&Sons,
50.5p(£1387) J & R Waind to D Broster Ltd
Limx 478kg 248.5,Limx 5648kg 246.5,
Limx 514kg 246.5,.
Limx 556kg @ 233.5,M Hughes to James Robertshaw
Blonde 588kg @ 229.5p(£1349) SR Atkinson.
BBx 650kg @ 227.5,Limx 480kg 224.5,Limx 538kg 223.5
Lim 590kg @ 217.5 W Verity & Son to R Pearson & Sons
Limx 618kg 213.5,Bazidaise 612kg 213.5,Limx 604kg 212.5 OTMS/COWS:Limx 602kg 164.5,Lim 616kg 162.5,
Lim818kg 158.5 
Limx 846kg £1670 CG Goodrick & Son
Limx 766kg £1581 Hallam Farms, Charx 710kg £1530
Limx 740kg £1513,Blonde 720kg £1501
Lim 616kg £1469,H Kealey & Sons,BBx 602kg £1441 I Swales 
Lim 652kg £1431,H Kealey & Sons
Bulls:Lim 948kg £1654,Lim 932kg £1635,Lim 896kg £1626.
OTMS/COWS:Lim 818kg £1296,AA bull 858kg £1256
BBx cow 920kg £1228.

🔥🔥Pigs slightly dearer than last with 
370 clean pigs averaging 135.7p/kg
Top price per kg:
Gilts 101kg 161p from NG Brankley & Sons to M & C Meats,
106kg @ 160p ex NG Brankley & Sons,
88kg @ 160p ex A Oldridge & Sons 
Boars:97kg 140p,90kg 137p
Per head 
Gilts:106kg £169.50,105kg £165.50,101kg £163.40

Lambs easier on the week with a good show
forward for both quality and numbers
Top price lambs per kg
46kg Texx @ 250p from RC Reed & Sons to
GW Broadfield & Son 
40kg Texx @ 242p,Contx 48kg @ 241,
Beltexx 39kg @ 241 
Top price per head:
£122 for 52kg Texx,RC Reed & Sons,
51kg Tex @ £118 RJ Arguile & Son
Texx 49kg £116
Ewes/Tups:Texel tup £126,Texx ewe £98,Contx £94

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