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Forward 1486 head of stock comprising of

🐄474 Cattle,🐑611 Sheep and 🐖401 Pigs
A great yard full of cattle with 188 Bulls,226 Clean cattle & 60 OTMs. A fast trade for all classes of bulls

✨Topping the price per head at £1873 for a 944kg Lim from Slawek Farms,Willingham selling to Ralph Pearson Bradford.✨
All bulls wanted with an overall average of 200.6p Heavy bulls avg 206.9p.Bulls per kg Limx 568kg 240.5p,Lim 626kg 237.5p,Lim 636kg 236.5Lim 728kg,770kg,772kg 227.5p.Per head Limx 820kg £1849,Blonde 826kg £1846,Lim 826kg £1813
✨Steers to 246.5p for 628kg Limx from GR Wright & Son to S Voase,✨
240.5p for 496kg Blonde ,239.5p for 658kg Limx,238.5p for 658kg LimxPer head:Limx 832kg £1874,Limx 792kg £1706Heifers to 265.5p for 452kg Limx from J Spetch to J & B Fitton
262.5p for 492kg Limx,258.5p for 506kg Limx,258.5p for 494kg LimxPer head £1501 for 672kf Limx,£1498 for 608kg BBx.Cows to £1348 for 884kg Limx,£1283 for 740kg,Limx 610kg 194.5p/kg

🐑Hogs a fast trade
✨Selling to a top price per kg of 317p(£149) for 47kgTexel crosses from R Byas,Kilham to A Traves ,Escrick,✨
315p fo 40kg Texls300p for 46kg Beltexx.Per head to £157 for 64kg Texx for D & J Voakes toJ Penny and Sons,£154 for 72kg Texelx,£151 for 55kg BeltexxEwes averaged £102.88 selling to a top of £142 for Texel ewes

🐖Pigs met an exceptional trade
✨Selling to a top of 170p/kg for a pen of 95kg gilts from Crosshills Pigs Ltd,Selby to D Broster Ltd,Huddersfield✨
105kg gilts 169p,108kg gilts 167p,97kg gilts 166pPer head108kg gilts £180.36,105kg gilts £177.45Baconers avg 140p/kg,Heavies 132pkgSows to 82p avg 74.7p/kg

A very busy day all round, many thanks to all our vendors and buyers for their support.Thanks also to all inside and outside staff for their hard work👍

info@selbymart.co.uk 01757 703347
Selby Livestock Auction Mart, Bawtry Road, Selby YO8 8NB

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