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Forward 1418 head of stock inc. 
458 Cattle,527 Pigs & 434 Sheep

Cattle forward in numbers with 246 Clean cattle,168 Bulls and 
43 OTMs & Cows.Trade less than last week’s fiery rates but still holding very well for August and a more mixed show of clean cattle would be reflected in the averages.
188 heifers avg 223.7
58 Steers avg 212
168 Bulls avg 189
470kg Lim @ 263.5p,JEL Nicholson to P Binns
556kg Lim @ 259.5p,E Swales to J Penny & Sons
488kg Lim @ 255.5p,H Waring & Son
484kg Lim @ 255.5,JEL Nicholson both to J & B Fitton
Lim 462kg 254.5p,RC & W Groves
Baz 586kg 254.5p WH Farrow & Sons
Lim 580kg 252.5,Lim 566kg 252.5
Lim 532kg 252.5,Lim 532kg 252.5.
622kg Lim @ 242.5p,JM Douglas to J Penny & Son
576kg Lim @ 241.5p,FW Douglas to A Wright & Son
578kg Lim @ 236.5p,NH Gaunt to J Penny & Son
594kg Lim @ 235.5,RA Backhouse Farms 
to Hartshead Meat
Lim 542kg 234.5,Lim 670kg 234.5,Lim 604kg 234.5
594kg Lim 240.5,J Blackburn to R Pearson & Sons
682kg Lim @ 239.5,G Booth & Sons
650kg Lim @ 239.5,G Lount 
both to Woolley Brothers
636kg Lim @ 235.5,J Blackburn 
to R Pearson & Son
Blonde 698kg @ 234.5,BBX 748kg 234.5
both J & JR Appleby
Lim 718kg @ 233.5,Lim 780kg 232.5,
Lim 730kg 231.5,Lim 784kg 231.5p
⚡️B/Fries 526kg @ 182.5,Hasselby & Hall
586kg @ 180.5 S Wiles & Son,
546kg 177.5 GH & M Stansfield 
Baz hfr 686kg 210.5,Baz hfr 510kg 207.5
Lim str 654kg 194.5,BBx cow 626kg 206.5
Lim cow 608kg 185,BB cow 808kg 169.5
Blonde 838kg £1638,HW Ellis & Son
Blonde 806kg £1607,H Kealey & Sons
Lim 670kg £1571,S Wildman & Son
Lim 622kg £1508,JM Douglas,
Lim 670kg £1490,FW Douglas.
Lim 694kg £1648,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Lim 690kg £1604,Lim 664kg £1590,
H Kealey & Sons
Char 672kg £1589,GH Crapper & Son
Lim 678kg £1562,CJ Brownbridge & Sons,
Lim 644kg £1503,Kyle Farming,
Lim 622kg £1502
BB 846kg £1840,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Lim 784kg £1814,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 780kg £1813,J & JR Appleby
Lim 952kg £1775,H Kealey & Sons
BB 748kg £1754,J & JR Appleby,
Lim 748kg £1754,J &JR Appleby
Lim 772kg £1748,Lim 788kg £1729
Lim 752kg £1725
⚡️B/Fries: 706kg £1119,S Wiles & Son, 
646kg£1114,JD Marsh,620kg 
£1094,GH & M Stansfield
630kg £1086,JD Marsh
Blonde bull 998kg £1681,
Limousin bull 992kg £1592
Baz cow 686kg £1444,
Baz cow 680kg £1390
Sim cow 852kg £1384.
A large show of over 500 clean pigs,
cast sows & boars were harder to sell
130p for 108kg C & J Creaser to 
W Fletcher & Son,Malton
109kg @ 129p,C & J Creaser
106KG @ 127P,M Hardwick
115kg £133,115kg £132.50,
NG Brankley & Sons
Sows to 46p
Prices back on the week with 
well fleshed heavier sorts leading the trade
⭐️Top price lambs per kg:
Beltexx 46kg 234,M & K Watson,
Texx 47kg 234p,M & K Farrar,
Texx 45kg 233p,M & K Watson,
Texx 47kg 229p,M & K Farrar
Texx 50kg 226p,RQ Richmond
⭐️Top price per head:
Texx 56kg £121,M & K Watson,
Texx 50kg £113,RQ Richmond,
Texx 47kg £110 & £108,M & K Farrar.
⭐️Ewes/Tups:Texel £81,Char £78

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