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1151 head of stock
324 Cattle,407 Sheep & 430 Pigs
A similar number of cattle were back a bit on average
with the best sorts still well bid for.
Heifers to 254.5p for 506kg Limx (£1287)
246.5p for 512kg Charx
Limx 522kg 245.5p
Limx 558kg 245.5p
£1394 for 580kg Limx
Steers to 230.5p for 644kg(£1484)
223.5p for 670kg Limx(£1497)
£1621 for 838kg Limx
£1528 for 866kg Limx
Best bulls easier on the week to
218.5p for 746kg Limx (£1630)
218.5p for 568kg Blonde(£1241)
818kg Limx £1716,860kg Lim £1681
Black and white bulls dearer with
top end selling at 175-185p/kg
Young cows to 187.5p or £1432
for 764kg Limousin.Olde kinds to
146.5 for 806kg Limx.Cows averaged 123p/kg
Limousin stock bulls to £1565 for 1076kg
Hoggs staying a grand trade with
37kg Beltex to 316p/kg £117
36kg Beltexx to 291p £105
41 kg Beltexx 290p £119
49kg Texel cross £121
58kg Texel £120
51 kg Texel £119
Ewes averaged £81.52
Texx £118,Texels £108,Contx £106
430 pigs including 33 sows
Heavy gilts to 147p for 104kg & 101kg
108kg gilts 143p/kg
108kg gilts £154.79
107kg gilts £153
108kg gilts £149.42
Sows to 81p avg 74

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