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Wednesday 1st April Market Report


Forward 692 head of stock inc.

* 212 Cattle, * 360 Pigs & *120 Sheep


 *Steers M 241.5p av 206p, H 218.5p av 200p, Hfrs M 266.5p av 235.6p, H 268.5p av 215.8p Bulls M 203.5 av 158, H 239.5 av 192.6p

Hoggs M 218.6p av 208p, Heavy 223p av 191.5p Ewes to £146 av £110.55

Pigs 76-85kg 167p av 145,86-104kg 170 av 146p, over 104k 164p av 123 Sows 80p av 72.9p

Cattles price per kg:

*Top price Steer 241.5p for 528kg BBx from AL Ablewhite to R Agar Ltd.*
Also BBx 528kg 241.5p, BBx 544kg 220.5p, Limx652kg 218.5p, BBx 634kg 218.5p
*Top price Heifers per kg 268.5p for 486kg Limx from David Sandham to R Agar Ltd*
Limx 486kg 268.5p, Limx 480kg 266.5p, Limx 518kg 264.5p, Blonde 530kg 260.5p.

*Top price Bulls 239.5p/kg per kg for 578kg Limousin from Manby Farms Ltd,Grimsby to Ralph Pearson
239.5p/kg for 592kg Limousin from Manby Farms Ltd to Bowland Foods Ltd✨

Lim 578kg 239.5p, Lim 592kg 239.5p, Lim 604kg 235.5p, Lim 728kg 231.5p, Lim 778kg 231.5p, Lim 604kg 231.5p.
 *OTMS Limx cow 610kg 195.5p ,BBx 704kg 167.5p, BBx 546kg 159.5p.
 *Per head:
 *Strs Limx 652kg £1424p, BBx 634kg £1385, Limx 654kg £1304.
 *Hfrs; Blonde 590kg £1472,Limx 608kg £1444,Limx 580kg £1441,BBx 596kg £1427,Limx 638kg £1413.
 *Bulls Lim 898kg £1944,Lim 778kg £1801,Limx 800kg £1764,Lim 850kg £1763, Lim 770kg £1751.
 *OTMS Lim 610kg £1192, BB 704kg £1179

 * Pigs Per kg:

 *Gilts: 100kg 170p from Crosshills Pigs – Lane End Farm Shop Tong*
94kg @ 170p, 99kg @ 169p
 *Per head: 100kg £170, 99kg £166.42.
Sows per kg 79p avg 74p

* Sheep prices

*Hogs Per kg Texel cross 47kg 223p from D Swinglehurst – M&C Meats *
Beltexx 43kg 218p.
Per head Texelx 59kg £109,
Texx 47kg £105

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