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Forward 1502  head of stock inc. 383 Cattle,398 Pigs & 721  Sheep

A great run of both Clean cattle and Bulls saw all kinds dearer Heifers to 267.5p,Steers to 246.5p & Bulls to 232.5p
BULLS AVERAGED 191p/kg overall,Heavies 201.5
Cattle price per kg:
 Top price heifers:
518kg AAx @267.5p(£1385),IR & AD Wildgoose
to A Wright & Son,Boston
508kg Limx @ 266.5p(£1353),IR & AD Wildgoose  
to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
Limx 554kg @ 261.5(£1448) H Kealey & Sons to A Wright & Son,
BBx 474kg 260.5,Limx 502kg 259.5,Limx 542kg 257.5
BBx 478kg 255.5,Limx 540kg 255.5,Limx 474kg 255.5
Top price steers:
BBx 536kg @ 246.5(£1321) AL Ablewhite to J & B Fitton
Limx 516kg @ 243.5p,AL Ablewhite to J & B Fitton
BBx 536kg @ 239.5,AL Ablewhite
Limx 564kg @ 238.5,R & J Robinson
BBx 564kg 236.5,Limx 528kg 236.5,
Limx 586kg 235.5,Limx 570kg 235.5
Top price Bull per kg:
626kg Lim @ 232.5p(£1455),Heald & Co,Retford  to R Pearson & Sons
Lim 628kg @  232.5p(£1460)Heald & Co to CC Continental
688kg Lim @ 229.5 ER Hyde & Sons to R Pearson & Sons
588kg Lim 227.5,712kg Lim 227.5,674kg Lim 227.5
Limx hfr 600kg 226.5,Limx hfr 548kg 217.5
Lim cow 732kg 176.5.
Cattle prices per head:
730kg Lim £1587,A Peacock & Sons,Retford,
662kg BBx £1545,SR Atkinson
684kg Lim £1535,Lim 664kg £1503,BBx 644kg £1497
Lim 722kg £1483
618kg BB @ £1511,Ian Swales
616kg Lim @ £1475,FJ Rockliff,
640kg Lim @  £1462,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
578kg Lim £1459,592kg BB £1453,622kg Limx @ £1452
856kg BB @ £1724,836kg Lim @ £1717
 both from S Dore & Sons,
744kg BBx @ £1670,DJ Summers & Son,
894kg Lim @ £1667,800kg Lim @ £1652
792kg Lim £1651.
Lim str 834kg £1555,Lim hfr 600kg £1359,blonde hfr 660kg £1296,
Sim cow 846kg £1163.

Pigs a touch dearer than last week with averages plus 3-4p
86-104kg avg 121.9p,over 104kg avg 116p
Top price per kg:
Gilts 100kg @  145p,NG Brankley & Sons to P Binns,Shipley100kg & 143,105kg @ 142,100kg @ 140
Per head 105kg £149.45,107kg £148.73

Lamb trade back on last week with a good show of quality lambs
meeting a very level trade,SQQ 224p/kg,overall 225p/kg
Top price lambs per kg
Texel  42kg @ 257p(£108) GJ Taylor to J & B Fitton
Beltexx 38kg @ 252p(£96) R Hughes & Son to J & B Fitton
Beltexx 40kg @ 252,T Ogg,Texel 40kg @ 252,GJ Taylor,
Texx 48kg @ 250p,RC Reed & Sons.
Top price per head:
Texx 55kg @ £120,J Leighton
Texx 48kg £120 & £118 RC Reed & Sons
Ewes dearer on the week with an overall average of £89.25

 Top prices :Suffx £106,Texx £104,Rougex £98,Texx £98

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