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Forward 1038 head of stock  including

349 Cattle,490 Pigs and 209 Sheep

Steers avg 217p,Heifers avg 227.7p,Bulls 188.6p

Heifers sold to 267.5p/kg for 496kg Lim

Best per head £1461(243.5p) for 600kg

Steers to 243.5p three times

for 550kg and 530kg  Limx and 562kg BBx

Heavier steers saw 646kg Limx to 232p

£1508 for 672kg Limx, £1506 for  668kg Limx

Top price bull per head  £1737(202p/kg) for 858kg BBx

Per kg top of 230.5p(£1295) for 562kg Limx,229.5p for 582kg Limx

Top heavier sorts 226.5p/kg for 678kg Limx(£1535),672kg Limx(£1522)

Cows and OTMS :Overage heifersto £1205 for 724kg Saler.Cows avg 117p

A larger show of pigs  saw Cutters to 119p to avg 103.3p,Baconers 117p to avg 102.7,Heavies 112p avg 101.2

Per head to £130 for 121kg,£126 for 120kg,£124 for 119kg Sows to 41.5p/kg avg 37.3p

Lambs to £99 for 50kg Beltexx,£92 for 56kg Texx,Per kg 217p for 34kg Beltex,215 for 39kg Beltex,Ewes to £78 avg £44.64

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