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Wednesday 22nd April – Market Report

💥💥WEDNESDAY 22nd April 2020 – Market Report 💥💥

Forward 1402 head of stock inc: 473 Cattle, 358 Pigs & 571 Sheep

✨✨Averages ✨✨

Steers: M 206.5p av 191p, H 227.5p av 200.9p,
Hfrs: M 252.p av 216pH 259.5p av 213p
Bulls: M 215.p av 172p, H 221.5p av 190.7p.
OTM:213.p av 138p.
Cows 142.5p av 114p
New Season lambs to 310p av 277p
Hoggs: M 202p av 194p, H 216p avg 184p.
Ewes to £100 av £74.39

Pigs: 76-85kg 147p av 126p, 86-104kg 147p av 135p, over 104kg 148p av 123p,
Sows 80 p av 70p

🐄🐄Cattle price per kg:
✨Top price Steer 227.5p/kg for 574kg Limx from GR Wright & Son to J & B Fitton also Limx 604kg 224.5p,Lim 608kg 223.5p,BBx 600kg 222.5p.
✨ Top price Heifer per kg 259.5p for 518kg Limx from T & MA Gratton to A Wright & Son also Limx 474kg 252.5p,Limx 578kg 250.5,Limx 498kg 248.5p
✨ Top price Bull per kg 221.5p for 602kg BBx from DJ Summers & Son to R Pearson & Son, also to 218.5p for 746kg Blonde,217.5p for 604kg Limx,217.5p for 794kg BBx,216.5p for 798kg BBx.
✨OTMS Limx hfr 213.5p for 520kg Limx.
✨Cows 142.5p for 618kg Limx.

Per head: Steers: Lim 896kg £1724, BBx 770kg £1669, Blonde 820kg £1603 , Charx 788kg £1548.
Heifers: BBx 728kg £1641, Limx 750kg £1533, BBx 616kg £1524, Limx 654kg £1474.
Bulls: Limousin 954kg £1903 Lim 886kg £1820, Blonde 800kg £1729, BBx 798kg £1727.
OTMS: Lim bull 954kg £1340, Limx cow 682kg £1224.

🐖🐖Pigs per Kg:
✨ Gilts: 106kg 148p from C & J Creaser to Rose Cottage Butchers.
Also 90kg @147p, 94kg @147p.
Per head: Gilts 106kg @ £157.50, 110kg @ £156.55
Sows to 80p av 70p

🐑🐑 New season lambs:
✨Top price lambs per kg on the day 310.5p for 38kg from G Benson & Son to M & C Meats also to 307 p for 42kg Charx Lambs
✨Top price Hoggs to £106 or 216p/kg for 49kg Beltexx from JC Farrar to J & B Fitton, also to 212p for 50kg Beltex Hoggs.
Ewes:Texx £100, Contx £94

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