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Forward 1482 head of stock inc. 
393 Cattle,486 Pigs & 603 Sheep

Cattle trade maintaining last week’s strong prices
with averages up on the week.
A great show of continental bulls with the top end 230-240p/kg
A mixed show of black and white bulls saw 
the best making 170-180p
156 bulls averaged 207p/kg,Heavies 217p/kg
215 Clean Cattle averaged 230p,Heifers 231.5p, with a better show of steers for quality selling well to average 227p/kg 

💥Cattle price per kg:💥 
🔔Top price heifers:
576kg BB @ 277.5p(£1598) & 586kg Lim @ 273.5p both from 
D Wise,Huddersfield selling A Wright & Son,Boston,
532kg Limx @273.5p,IR & D Wildgoose to P Binns
486kg Limx @ 268.5,E Swales to RH Binks & Son
Lim 504kg 267.5,R Coward,
Lim 544kg @ 267.5,CJ Brownbridge & Sons,
Limx 580kg 265.5,Limx 566kg 265.5,Lim 506kg 264.5
Limx 570kg 264.5.
🔔Top price steers:
576kg BBx @ 255.5,P Blacker to R Haigh Farm Shop,
534kg Lim @ 252.5,JE & GW Brown to R Pearson & Son
544kg Limx @ 247.5,RC & W Groves to J Robertshaw,
Limx 566kg @ 246.5,DE & M Brooke,
Limx 620kg @ 246.5p,RS Hall & Sons
Lim 520kg @ 242.5,Lim 488kg 238.5
🔔Top price Bulls 
614kg Lim @ 240.5p.J Gowthorpe & Son
652kg Char @ 239.5,626kg Lim @ 239.5p,both from 
G & S Gilleard all to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
582kg Lim @ 239.5p,D Screeton to J & B Fitton
Lim 648kg @ 239.5,D Screeton,Lim 622kg @ 239.5,
T & SM Sims,Lim 636kg 238.5,JEL Nicholson,
Lim 712kg 237.5,
BBhfr 814kg,218.5p,BB cow 696kg,218.5
Blonde hfr 640kg,195.5
💥Top Cattle prices per head:💥
Lim760kg £1698,GH Crapper & Son
Lim656kg £1544,WGSPlatt & Sons
Lim 620kg £1528,RS Hall & Sons,
Lim 652kg £1502,RA Backhouse
BB 790kg@ £1884(238.5p),BB 752kg @ £1793(238.5p) 
both from G Beresford & Son,Hellifield
selling to R Pearson & Sons
Lim 632kg £1614,I Swales,
Lim 586kg £1602,D Wise 
Char 660kg £1593,R Chippendale,
Lim 638kg £1559,Char 656kg,£1558,
Lim 580kg 1539
Lim 818kg,£1820(222.5p),ER Hyde & Sons,
BB 754kg £1760(233.5p),J & JR Appleby,
Lim 834kg £1747,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 758kg £1732(228.5),J & JR Appleby
Lim 792kg £1730,Lim 754kg £1722. 
BBx hfr 814kg £1778,BB stock bull 1110kg £1581,
BB cow 696kg £1520,Char cow 916kg £1451
AA bull 810kg £1372.
Trade easier on the week with a larger number forward
468 fat pigs averaged 119.2p/kg
Top price per kg: 
Gilts 107kg @ 147p,J Arnott to D Broster Ltd
117kg @ 143p,Crosshills Pigs,90kg @ 142,
98kg @ 142,103kg @141.
Per head :
Gilts 105kg @ £147,109kg @ £146,Sows to 31p
Trade slightly easier on the week with averages 3-5p less.
Best lambs still good to sell with a top of 261p/kg
and best per head £127
SQQ 214p/kg, Overall 216p/kg
🔥Top price lambs per head🔥
Texx 50kg £127,RC Reed & Son to 
Worsley Wholesale Butchers,
Rouge 47kg £123,RG Makin,
Rouge 49kg £120,RG Makin
Texx 49kg £120,RC Reed & Sons
Rouge 47kg £117,RG Makin 
Top price per kg 
Rouge 47kg@ 261p,RG Makin,
Texx 50kg @ 254p RC Reed & Sons
Beltexx 43kg 239.5p,JP Towse,
Texx 45kg 237,E Stonehouse & Son,
Texx 47kg 234p,York Road Farm Partnership .
Ewes/Tups:Suffx £90,Charx £88,Texx £82

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