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Wednesday 23rd October Report

Forward 933 Head of Stock INC:
292 Cattle comp. 135 Clean cattle,139 Bulls, 18 cows and otms. 
207 Sheep comp 160  lambs and 44  ewes.
 437 Pigs & 29 Sows . 
 Averages: Strs Lt to 211.5p M 217.5p av 198.5p,  H 220.5  av  190p.  Hfrs M 230p av 220p, H 259p av 217.3p 
Bulls: M  205p avg 143.4p,  H 210p  av 172.1p.
Cows :128p av 116p
 Otm  205p av 115.8p.
 New season lambs :39-45.5kg to 202p avg 159.8p. 45.6-52kg 198p av 167.1p Ewes £100  avg £45.60. 
Pigs: Pokers to 118p av 110.9p Cutters 126p  av 118.7p Baconers 135p  avg 119.9p ,Heavies 134p  av 116.2p Sows 78.5  avg  71.9p.
Top Prices:  Cattle prices per kg: Hfrs.Limx 540kg 258.5p,Bld 542kg 244.5p ,BB 550kg 245.5p,Limx 520kg 244.5p,BBx 552kg 243.5p,BBx  532kg  239.5p.  Steers.Lim 564kg 219.5p,Lim 624kg 218.5p, BBx 556kg 218.5p, LimX  498kg 217.5p.
Bulls: Limx 594kg 209.5p,LimX 600kg 208.5,Limx 604kg 207.5p,Limx 610kg 205.5,Limx 540kg 204.5, Limx 656kg 204.5p, Limx 668kg 204.5p.
Cows:Limx 614kg 127.5p, Bldx  592kg 126.5p. 
OTM Limx hfr 584kg 204.5p. 
Per head:Heifers: BBx 718kg £1547,LimX 660kg £1481,Lim 674kg £1412,  BB 612kg £1404. 
Steers: Limx 624kg £1326, Limx 686kg £1361,BBx 638kg £1330.
Bull: BBx 782kg £1520,Limx 806kg £1511,Limx 818kg £1476, Sax 956kg £1467.  OTM: Lim hfr 584kg £1194. Cow:Limx 814kg £1037, Bld cow 692kg £875.
New Season lambs: Per head: Texx 48kg £95,Tex 47kg £93,Texx 43kg £87.  Per kg: TexX 43kg 202.3p,Texx 48kg 197.9p,Texx 47kg 197.9p.
Ewes:Texx £100.

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