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Less stock forward on a silage & haymaking day but numbers still holding up well with 217 Clean cattle & 156 Bulls forward
467 Pigs and 564 Sheep.

Bulls dearer on the week especially Continental crosses with lighter weight sucklers in demand,heavies also sharper.All classe of Black & Whites well bid for.

Clean cattle trade matching the weather with the
heat turned up around the ring,
Heifers to 265.5p & Steers to 246.5p
148 HEIFERS AVG 222.6
69 STEERS AVG 204.5
156 BULLS 189.8
Cattle price per kg:
Top price heifers
518kg Blonde @ 265.5p(£1375) RM Cornforth & Son to 
A Wright & Son,Boston
520kg Limx @ 264.5p(£1375) CA Holmes to 
Worsley Wholesale Butchers
478kg Limx @ 263.5 & Blonde 492kg both S R Atkinson
Limx 564kg @ 258.5,Limx 572kg @ 257.5,
Limx 532kg @ 256.5,Limx 432kg @ 256.5.
Top price steers:
502kg Limx @ 246.5(£1237),RC & W Groves to J & B Fitton
550kg Limx @ 243.5 TD Platt to A Wright & Son,
580kg Limx 240.5,Limx 526kg 236.5
Limx 592kg 235.5,Limx 614kg 235.5
Top price BullS per kg:
534kg Lim @ 230.5 Manby Farms Ltd to R Pearson & Sons
548kg Lim @ 227.5p D Screeton to J & B Fitton
542kg Lim @ 225.5,578kg Lim @ 225.5
558kg @ 225.5 .
Bazx cow 702kg 186.5,Sim bull 784kg 182.5,
BB cow 650kg 148.5.
Cattle prices per head:
Steers:784kg Limx £1556,780kg Lim £1548
both from NS Burgin
706kg Limx £1521,784kg Blonde £1509.
706kg Limx£1570,636kg BBx @ £1555 both 
from H Kealey&Sons, 
Limx 736kg £1541,Limx 652kg £1535,Blonde 660kg £1534. Bulls:780kg Lim @ £1626,ER Hyde & Sons,
848kg Lim £1606 CJ Brownbridge & Sons
908kg PAX £1602. 
Sim bull 784kg £1430,Baz cow 702kg £1309
Pig averages back on the week with more numbers forward
Top price per kg:
Gilts 100kg @ 142p DL Otterburn & Son 
to RM Kealey Butchers,
102kg @ 141p,104kg @ 140p 
Per head 112kg @ £149.75,100kg @ £145.60
Lambs dearer on the week with an SQQ of 229p
Plus 14p on the week,
473 lambs averaged 230p overall
Top price lambs per kg
Texx 39kg @ 264p,JE Brown & Son to J & B Fitton,
Charx 45kg @ 260p ES Batley & Son,
Beltexx 41kg 256p,JG Sutherton. 
Top price/ head:Charx 47kg £118,Charx 45kg £117,ES Batley & Son, Texx 48kg £116,RC Reed & Sons
Ewes/Tups:Suffolks £100,Tex tups £94
Thanks to all staff and customers for their 
help and support on a busy day

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