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Forward 1101 head of stock inc.470 Cattle,412 Pigs & 219 Sheep
Steers H 203 av 172
Hfrs M 255.5 av 212,H 252.5 av 201
Bulls M 194.5 av 156,H 210.5 av 178.
Hoggs H to 210p,M to 184
Pigs 76-85kg 169 av 152,86-104kg 169 av 143
over 104kg 161 av 135Sows 79 av 74.

🐃Cattle top price per kg 🐄
255.5p for Limx hfr 460kg 
J & R Waind to RH Binks & Son.
Cattle price per kg:
Strs Charx 624kg 203.5,Limx 642kg 199.5,
Charx 670kg 198.5,Limx 634kg 195.5p,
Hfrs Limx 460kg 255.5p,Limx 548kg 252.5,Limx 492kg252.5,Piemontese 506kg 252.5,Blonde 470kg 251.5.
Bulls Limx 622kg 210.5,Limx 614kg 208.5p,Limx 604kg 208.5,Limx 604kg 208.5,Lim 596kg 208.5.
Cows Limx 680kg 168.5,,Lim 690kg 165.5
Per head:
Strs: Charx 720kg £1364,Charx 738kg £1332,
Charx 670kg £1329.
Hfrs;Limx 662kg £1459,Limx 606kg £1451,Limx 614kg £1421
Limx 616kg £1419.
Bulls: BBx 794kg £1584,Limx 878kg £1576,BBx 806kg £1559
Lim 808kg £1506.
Cows: Blonde 854kg £1216,Lim 680kg £1145.

🐖Pigs Top price per kg 🐖
169p for 88kg gilts from Crosshills Pigs Ltd to R Agar Ltd.
Per kg 91kg 167,83kg 167,96kg 167.Per head: 112kg £180.40,111kg £173,107kg £170.
Sows per kg 79p avg 74.

🐑Hoggs:Top price per kg 🐑
Beltexx 47kg 210p 
from RM Cornforth & Son to J & B Fitton
Per kg Tex 43kg 183p.Per head Beltexx 47kg £99,
Texx 58kg £90.Ewes to £84

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