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Forward 1232 head of stock comprising  447 Cattle,424  Pigs & 361 Sheep

A large show of cattle with an entry of 280 CLEAN CATTLE and 123 BULLS

saw averages back but holding well  very considering the numbers.The very best clean  cattle would be less money than last week with trade for good commercial sorts still buoyant.A  more mixed show of bulls for quality were also a few pence less on the week.




Lim 550kg 273.5 Ian Swales to Binns of Saltaire

Lim 496kg 269.5 S & S Hough to Worsely Wholesale Butchers

Lim 548kg 268.5 J & R Waind to Home Farm Bakery

Blonde 530kg 266.5,WO Milner & Sons

Lim 564kg 265.5 J & R Waind

Lim 588kg 264.5,Lim 492kg 264.5,Baz 580kg 263.5,C Goulsbra

Lim 568kg 264.5 S Wildman & Son

BB 516kg 264.5,BB 526kg 262.5,BB 558kg 262.5, AL Ablewhite

BB 586kg 260.5 R Blacker

Lim 526kg 260.5 JG Waudby

Lim 538kg 260.5 R Chippendale


BBx 574kg 256.5 AL Ablewhite to R Pearson & Sons

Lim 600kg 254.5 GR Wright & Son to East Ridning Country Pork

Lim 570kg 254.5 to D Broster Ltd

Lim 578kg 248.5 S & S Hough,Lim 536kg 245.5 RC & W Groves

Lim 598kg 245.5 T & MA Gratton

Lim 540kg 244.5 East Grange

Lim 708kg 244.5 P & B Hodgson & Sons

Lim 536kg 243.5 Shaw Bros


 Lim 682kg 252.5 G Lount to Bowland Foods Ltd

BB 654kg 246.5 TR Craven to CC Continental

Lim 602kg 244.5 J Blackburn to J & B Fitton

Lim 698kg 241.5 Marshall Farming

Lim 568kg 241.5 R Button & Son

BB 674kg 240.5 ER Hyde & Sons

Lim 610kg 239.5 J Blackburn

Lim 574kg 239.5 Alan Dalton(Outwood)

Lim 714kg 238.5 J & JR Appleby

Bazx 644kg 236.5 WH Farrow & Sons

Blonde 676kg 236.5 K & AC Jackson


 Lim bull 690kg 159.5 J Nugus,Shorthorn cow 672kg 155.5,

Sim cow 552kg 142.5,BB str 686kg 145.5



Lim 768kg £1800,Lim 676kg £1639, J & JR Appleby

Lim 630kg £1634 R Blacker

Lim 640kg £1628 P & B Hodgson

BB 636kg £1586 GJ Mellor & Partners

Lim 616kg £1580 Ian Swales

Lim 660kg £1574 FJ Rockliff & Sons

Lim 636kg £1574 AL Ablewhite

Lim 614kg £1568 J & R Waind


 Lim 708kg £1731, P & B Hodgson

Lim 790kg £1731,768kg £1718,768kg £1685 FM Westaby

Charx 682kg £1585 GR Wright & Son

Lim 670kg £1564 S Wildman & Son

Char 750kg £1563 S Dore & Sons


Lim 780kg £1813,Lim 766kg £1765 J & JR Appleby

Lim 682kg £1722 G Lount

Char 732kg £1716 S Dore & Sons

Lim 756kg £1712 Kealey & Partners

Char 814kg £1705 CN & J Ottewell

Lim 714kg £1702 J & JR Appleby

BB 716kg £1686 ER Hyde & Sons


Lim bull 1036kg £1465 CS Ellwood

Lim bull 690kg £1100 JR Nugus

Char cow 882kg £1142 CE Smith



 Beltexx 48kg 241,45kg 222 PS Featherstone & Son

Texx 48kg 212.5 J Robinson

Texx 50kg 210 East Grange

Texx 45kg 208 J & C Dalby

Beltexx 48kg 208 Nunappleton

Charx 43kg 207 Heywood Farms Lambs


Beltexx 48kg £116,Beltexx 51kg £106  PS Featherstone

Texx 58kg £113 C Battye

Texx 55kg £110,Texx 54kg £108,Texx 52kg £106 East Grange

Texx 53kg £105 J Robinson


Suffx £114,£106 RC Reed & Sons

Texx £104 RM Cornforth & Son

Tex tup £92



90kg 149,85kg 146 D Jackson

90kg 144 Crosshills Pigs Ltd

100kg 143 DT & J Hirst

107kg 141 RN Thompson.

Per Head

113kg £155.75

112kg £151

110kg £151

Sows to 38.5p                                

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