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Forward 1663 head of stock inc: 507 Cattle,419 Pigs & 737 Sheep
A full yard of stock again with a tremendous show of just over 500 cattle comprising 241 Clean Cattle, 210 Bulls and 56 Cows & OTMsTrade very similar on the week with well finished cattle with shape well bid for. Steer average back a bit which would reflect the show rather than the price.A sound bull with best suckler bred sorts of all weights wanted,best black & whites, 170-180p🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮Cattle price per kg: Top price heifer: 260.5p for 478kg BBx from S R Atkinson to J Penny & Sons255.5p for 548kg Limx from J & R Waind to Paul Binns,Shipleyalso to 248.5p for 500kg Limx, 248.5p for 540kg Limx, 247.5p for 526kg BBx.
Top price steer: 224.5p for 526kg Limx ex David Sandham to R Pearson & Sons222.5p for 534kg Blonde & 566kg BB from J Button,220.5p for 548kg Limx.
Top price Bull per kg: Limx 662kg @ 227.5p from ER Hyde & Sons to R Pearson & Sons 226.5p for 572kg Lim, JG Green & Sons, 225.5p Limx 578kg & 590kg.
OTMS: Limx hfr 614kg 189.5p, Limx 770kg @180.5pBlonde cow 608kg @ 180.5p Cattle prices per head: Steers:Blonde 716kg @ £1492, Blonde 730kg @ £1434, Paul Spink Ltd
Heifers:Limx 654kg @ £1474 , H Kealey & Son, BBx 612kg @ £1422Limx 712kg @ £1420
Bulls: 960kg Simmental @ £1656, from WJ Hollingsworth,BBx 750kg @ £1608 from WH Farrow.
OTMS: Lim Hfr 770kg @ £1389, Lim stock bull 994kg @ £1326BSH bull 1062kg @£1322, Lincoln Red cow 730kg @ £1259Char cow 860kg @ £1216. 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷More pigs about and a keen demand for both gilts and boars of all weightsPigs Per kg: Gilts: 86kg @ 158p/kg from RM Cornforth & Son to R Haigh Farm Shop,Mirfield, 104kg @ 153p, 102kg @ 150p . Boars: 105kg @ 126p & 124p, 88kg @ 120pPer head: Gilts 106kg @ £156, 105kg @ £153. Sows to 61p av 42.5p, 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑A cracking show of lambs with 525 penned up plus 120 Hoggs & 92 Ewes. Trade easier on the week but still plenty demand in the alleys.
Top price lambs per kg on the day281p for 38kg Texx from NH Platts & Sons to R Agar,Ilkley ,37kg Beltex @ 281p J Sutherton, 41kg Tex @ 280.5p, 39kg Texe 279.5p .Top price per head £120 for 46kg Char from ES Batley & Son£119 for 44kg Texels,R Hughes & Son
🇬🇧🇬🇧Another big THANKYOU to all customers and staff for a great sale and all their hard work🇬🇧🇬🇧

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