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FORWARD 1078 HEAD inc 335 CATTLE,437 SHEEP & 306 PIGS

Clean cattle dearer with 213 forward.All classes wanted with
best end very good to sell.
A lighter and more mixed show of bulls would be back on last week.
35 Steers averaged 226p/kg
178 Heifers averaged 227p
213 Clean cattle overall avg 227p
104 Bulls averaged 191p,Heavies 203p


522kg Lim @ 272.5p E Swales to J Penny & Son
588kg BBx 270.5 J & R Waind to M/s Binns of Saltaire
534kg Lim 268.5 JK Spetch to J & B Fitton
BBx 526kg 267.5,AL Ablewhite
Lim 528kg 266.5 E SwalesLim
564kg 265.5,Blonde 550kg 265.5,J & R Waind
BB 546kg 265.5 AL Ablewhite
Lim 454kg 264.5 RC & W Groves
Lim 526kg 264.5 RG Copeland & Son
Lim 484kg 262.5 JG Waudby
Lim 456kg 262.5 TR Craven
Lim 538kg 261.5 S Wildman & Son
Lim 550kg 261.5 RW Manchester
546kg Lim 254.5 R & J Robinson to RM Kealey Butchers
516kg Lim 252.5 R & P Blacker to R Pearson & Sons
Lim 548kg 246.5 AL Ablewhite to J Penny & Sons
Lim 548kg 244.5,Lim 574kg 242.5 both AL Ablewhite
Lim 618kg 244.5 ES Dyson & Sons
Lim 538kg 241.5 R & P Blacker
Lim 606kg 240.5p GR Wright & Son
BB 686kg 240.5 G Booth & Sons to CC Continental
Lim 638kg 237.5,620kg 234.5,606kg 234.5 D Screeton to J & B Fitton
Lim 590kg 231.5 MJ Waldron
BB 734kg 228.5 J & JR Appleby
Fries bulls:
582kg 168.5 R Abbott
542kg 163.5,534kg 163.5,MH Poskitt
Lim str 670kg 191.5 GH Crapper & Son
Lim hfr 708kg 189.5,Lim hfr 554kg 189.5 Manby Farms
Per head
Limx 612kg £1594,BB 588kg £1590,BB 564kg £1497 J & R Waind
BBx 614kg £1581 RC & W Groves
Lim 614kg £1495 Grange Farm
Lim 594kg £1487 RJ Wilkinson
Lim 598kg £1486,Benniworth Grange Farms
Lim 570kg £1479 RW Manchester
Lim 662kg £1565 JE & GW Brown
Lim 676kg £1551 GR Wright & Son
Lim 712kg £1527 R & J Robinson
Lim 664kg £1517,Lim 664kg £1477 Shaw Brothers
Lim 618kg £1511 ES Dyson & Sons
BB 734kg £1677,Lim 738kg £1605 ,J & JR Appleby
BB 686kg £1649,BB 712kg £1591,G Booth & Sons
Lim 776kg £1641 Marshall Farming Ltd
Fries bulls:
582kg £980,R Abbott
602kg £960 M & J Coxon
Lim hfr 708kg £1341 Manby Farms
Lim str 670kg £1283 GH Crapper & Son

Lambs :More lambs forward with well fleshed lambs in demand
Per kg:
Beltexx 49kg 208,Grange Farm
Texel 49kg 206 R Watson
Texx 41kg 204 P Brabham
Beltexx 49kg 204 Nunappleton
Per head:
Tex 56kg £112 E Woolston
Charx 56kg £105 AM Puckering
Ewes/Tups:Texx £74 Holme Farm,Cross £70 Bishop Burton

A lighter show saw gilts selling on a dearer trade
Per kg
Gilts 102kg 147,R Newby
80kg 144 A Oldridge & Sons
107kg ,102kg 142 NG Brankley & Sons
Per head
110kg £153,112kg £149, NG Brankley & Sons
102kg £149 R Newby
Sows to 42.5

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