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Wednesday 29th April – Market Report


Forward 1456 Head of Stock inc: 396 Cattle, 399 Pigs & 661 Sheep
Steers: Med 225.5p av 190.9p Heavy 243.5p av 210.4p
Heifers: Med 263.5p av 213p, Heavy 258.5p av 211.5p
Bulls: Med 207.5p av 164p, Heavy 230.5p av 192.3p
OTM: 183.5p av 155.8p.
Cows: 187.5p av 138.9p.
New Season Lambs
39-45.5kg to 297.5p av 266p.
Hoggs Med 213p av 196p, Heavy 214p avg 190p.
Ewes to £133 av £82.55
76-85kg 132p av 117p,
86-104kg 156p av 133.9p,
over 104kg 148p av 123p,
Sows 67 p av 61p
Cattle price per kg:
Top price Steer 243.5p/kg for 574kg Limx from GR Wright & Son to East Riding Country Pork also Limx 602kg @ 234.5pp,Limx 616kg @ 232.5p ,Limx 594kg @230.5p.

Top price Heifer per kg 263.5p/kg for 404kg Limx from JG Waudby to Worsley Wholesale Butchers also Limx 568kg @ 258.5p,Limx 520kg @ 257.5p,BBx 532kg @ 255.5p, Limx 486kg @ 252.5p, Limx 486kg @ 252.5p, Limx 530kg @252.5p, Limx 564kg @252.5p.

Top price Bull per kg 230.5p/kg for 634kg BBx from SR Atkinson to Ralph Pearson & Son, also to 222.5p for 782kg BBx,222.5p for 698kg BBx,222.5p for 725kg Limx.
OTMS BBx cow 556kg @183.5p, Limx Hfr 860kg @ 180.5p Limx.

Per head:
Steers Limx 852kg @ £1657, Limx 718kg @£1568, Limx 726kg @ £1520, Limx 664kg @£1517.
Heifers: Limx 666kg @ £1575, Charx 682kg @ £1558, Limx 662kg @ £1552, Limx 662kg @ £1525
Bulls: Lim 1018kg @£2030, Lim 846kg @ £1848, Lim 906kg @ £1807, Lim 910kg @ £1751, BBx 782kg @£1739.
OTMS: Limx Hfr 860kg @ £1552, Lim cow 860kg @ £1397, BB cow 832kg @ £1327, Lim cow 708kg @ £1299.
Pigs Per kg: Gilts: 90kg @ 156p/kg from RN Thompson to B & T Kitson,also 103kg to 153p/kg, 99kg to152p .
Per head: Gilts 105kg @ £156, 116kg @ £155
Sows to 67p av 61p
New season lambs: Top price lambs per kg on the day 297.5p for 40kg Texx from G Benson & Son to J & B Fitton, Also to 295p for 40kg Beltexx, 289p/kg for 39kg Texx, 287p/kg for 41kg Texx, 287pp for 40kg Texx
Top price per head :£126 for 52kg Texx, £125 for 44kg Texx, £119 for 40kg Charx, £118 for 40kg Beltexx, £118 for 44kg Texx.
Top price Hoggs: £101 or 215p/kg for 47kg Texx from BN Bartle to M & C Meats, £100 for 58kg Texels, £99 for 53kg Tex
Per kg to 213p for 45kg Texx, 213p for 46kg Texx, 208p for 45kg Beltexx.
Ewes:Contx £133, HBred £112,Texx £106, Suffx £102

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