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A grand trade all round from the pigs this morning through to the clean cattle this afternoon.Cattle price keeping up with last week’s high and best bulls a penny or two dearer.
Black & White bulls sharper with best 180-190p/kg
Heavy bulls averaging 219p/kg with 157 bulls 207p overall
49 Steers averaged 221/kg,134 Heifers 228

🔥Cattle price per kg:🔥 
🔔Top price heifers:
570kg Limx 269.5p,CJ Brownbridge & Sons to 
A Wright & Son,Boston
546kg Limx @ 268.5p, Ian Swales to J Robertshaw.
468kg Limx @ 268.5p,RC & W Groves 
to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
Limx 492kg @ 266.5,DE & M Brooke
BBx 604kg @ 265.5,Lim 440kg & 482kg @ 265.5
JS & J Buckley
Limx 500kg @ 264.5pLim 560kg @ 263.5p
Blonde 512kg @ 262.5.
🔔Top price steers:
576kg Lim @ 252.5p,RJ Wilkinson to R Pearson & Sons
652kg Lim @ 249.5p(£1626),H Kealey & Sons 
to R Pearson & Sons
684kg Lim@ 248.5p(£1699),Hallam Farms 
to S Voase & A Jones
576kg Lim @ 247.5p,R & J Robinson to D Broster Ltd
Blonde 610kg @ 245.5,Lim 548kg @ 245.5
Lim 534kg @ 243.5. 
🔔Top price Bulls:
706kg Lim @ 244.5p (£1726) C Butler 
to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
616kg Lim @ 244.5p(£1506) JEL Nicholson 
to R Pearson & Sons
680kg Lim @ 242.5p(£1649) J & JI Booth
to R Pearson & Sons
602kg Lim @ 241.5p,BB Denness to
Worsley Wholesale Butchers
Lim 678kg @240.5,BB 724kg @ 239.5,
Lim 590kg @ 239.5,Lim 644kg @ 239.5
Limx hfr 602kg @ 234.5,Blonde hfr 604kg @ 216.5
Lim cow 750kg 174.5.
🔥Top Cattle prices per head:🔥
Lim 728kg £1714(235.5p),Lim 684kg £1699(248.5)
Hallam Farms Ltd
Lim 652kg £1626(249.5p),H Kealey & Sons
Lim 696kg £1625(233.5p) Kyle Farming
BB 756kg £1621,S Dore & Sons
Lim 738kg £1619,Lim 706kg £1613
🔔Heifers: Lim 680kg £1723(253.5p) CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Lim 716kg £1686(235.5),Blonde 652kg £1626
both H Kealey & Sons,
Lim 644kg £1606,WGS Platt & Sons
BBx 604kg £1603,Lim 634kg £1562,BB 648kg £1558
Blonde 830kg £1888(227.5),K & AC Jackson
Blonde 844kg £1877(222.5),ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 812kg £1863,Lim 866kg £1857,both J & JI Booth
Lim 808kg £1838,Clark Farms
Lim 814kg £1835,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 740kg £1764,Marshall Farming Ltd
Lim 740kg £1764,C & J Creaser 
AA cow 886kg £1439,Lim hfr 602kg £1411
Lim hfr 764kg £1371,Lim hfr 714kg £1331
Dearer on the week
76-85kg av 123.9,86-104kg avg 128.3
💥Top price per kg: 
Gilts 108kg 152p/kg,C & J Creaser to R Haigh farm Shop,
106kg @ 151,J Arnott to W Fletcher & Son,Malton,
Per head :
💥Gilts 108kg £164.75,108kg £163.83,Sows to 31p
Lambs seeing a good lift on the week
SQQ plus 18p @ 232p/kg
Overall plus 18p @ 234p 
⚡️Top price lambs per head⚡️
Charx 48kg £134,AM Puckering
Texel 63kg £130,Cl Jordan,Texx 47kg £125,S Wood
Beltexx 46kg £122 M & K Farrar,
Texx 44kg £118,RQ Richmond
⚡️Top price per kg⚡️ 
Charx 48kg 279p,AM Puckering
Texx 44kg 268,RQ Richmond
Texel 47kg 266p,S Wood,
Beltexx 46kg 265,M & K Farrar
Texx 43kg 262p,York Road Farm Partnership
⚡️Ewes/Tups:Texx £114,Suffx £98,Texel £88

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