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FORWARD 1230 HEAD OF STOCK: inc.281 Cattle,420 Pigs 529 Sheep

A smaller show of cattle met an exceptional trade with all weights and grades of both clean cattle and bulls keenly bid for.

115 BULLS 210p overall,HEAVY BULLS 222p

Cattle price per kg:
482kg Lim @ 275.5p,C Goulsbra to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
574kg Lim @ 272.5p,J & R Waind to Home Farm Bakery
516kg Lim @ 272.5p,JG Waudby to J & B Fitton
450kg Limx @ 270.5p,NM Ogg to Worsley Wholesale Butchers
554kg Blonde @ 270.5p,J & R Waind to D Broster Ltd
474kg Lim,268.5p,C Goulsbra
482kg Lim 267.5p,JG Waudby
494kg Lim,266.5 S Wildman & Son,504kg Lim,265.5 JG Waudby,
546kg BBx,264.5p D Wise,548kg BBx,264.5 W & M Seels .
568kg BB @ 262.5p,C Goulsbra to J Penny & Sons
586kg Lim @ 259.5p,S Wildman & Son to J & B Fitton
572kg Lim @ 257.5,C Goulsbra to D Broster Ltd
598kg Lim @ 251.5,GR Wright & Son to J & B Fitton596kg Lim,249.5,GR Wright & Son,556kg BBx 245.5,D WiseLim 642kg @ 243.5,GR Wright & Son.
642kg Lim @ 255.5,JA Mitchell & Sons to R Pearson & Sons
572kg Lim @ 255.5,D Screeton to J & B Fitton
728kg Lim @ 251.5,J & JR Appleby to Hartshead Meat
634kg Lim @ 251.5p,D Screeton to R Pearson
640kg Lim @ 250.5p,JA Mitchell & Sons to R Pearson & Sons
Lim 680kg @ 249.5,Blonde 754kg 249.5p,both J & JR Appleby
BBx 650kg 249.5,JR Roe,BBx 700kg 249.5,G Booth & Sons.
A more mixed entry of of Black & Whites sawB/Fries
684kg @ 203.5 from L Pearse & Son
608kg @ 195.5,592kg @ 189.5,both DH & E Southwell
Limx str 652kg @ 199.5,H Kealey & Sons
Bazx hfr 500kg @ 198.5,AC Adlard & Sons
Top Cattle prices per head:
Steers: Lim 894kg £1953,H Kealey & SonsLim 684kg £1651
GR Wright & SonLim 678kg £1630
C Goulsbra,Lim 678kg £1617,GR Wright & Son
Lim 688kg £1599,PW Gagg,Lim 676kg
£1564,GR Wright & Son
Lim 684kg £1761,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Lim 682kg £1728,Lim 676kg £1666,Lim 662kg £1631,H Kealey & Sons
Lim 638kg £1630,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Bazx 664kg £1596,Kyle Farming Ltd
Lim 650kg £1589,Kealey & Partners
Lim 612kg £1588,Ian Swales
Lim 814kg £2006,ER Hyde & Sons
BB 798kg £1959,Marshall Farming
Char 800kg £1908,D Trewitt & Mrs SL Webster
Lim 758kg £1883,JR Roe
Blonde 754kg £1881,J & JR Appleby
Lim 802kg £1880,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 728kg £1830,J & JR Appleby
Blonde 732kg £1811,ER Hyde & Sons
684kg £1391,L Pearse & Son
608kg £1188,DH & E Southwell.
Baz hfr 710kg £1331,AC Adlard & Sons
A few less pigs with 420 forward saw averages up across the weights
Top price gilts per kg:
108kg @ 142,C & J Creaser to Rose Cottage Butchers
108kg @ 139p,to RM Kealey Butchers
110kg @135,Crosshills Pigs Ltd
Per head :
Gilts,113kg £156
108kg £153
108kg £150.Sows to 36.5p
Lambs dearer on the week,plus 4-5p on average
Heavier well fleshed sorts again leading the trade
Top price lambs per kg:
Beltexx 47kg 270p & 257.5,M & K Farrar
Beltexx 42kg 247p JP Towse & Son
Beltexx 43kg 239.5p GD Stephenson & Son
Texx 41kg 236p,York Road Partnership.
Top price per head:
Beltexx 47kg £127 & £121,M & K Farrar
Texx 60kg £110,GP Langfield
Texx 50kg £108,RJ Arguile & Son
Charx £120 & £98,Beltex £90,Charx £88

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