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Forward 1284 head inc 351 Cattle,587 Sheep & 346 PigsA good show of cattle for the end of September saw forward 149 Bulls,170 Clean and 32 Otms & Cows.Price would be back just a bit on average with a slightly more mixed show but top end sorts selling well to a top price per kg on the day of 284.5p/kg for a cracking 500kg Lim hfr from JA Mitchell & Sons,Netherton.Bulls would be a touch back but still meeting a grand trade with the first bull in the ring setting the pace and fetching the top price per kg on the day of 263.5p for a 554kg Limousin bull from Heald & Co,Retford42 Steers avg 225p128 Heifers avg 235170 Clean cattle 232p149 Bulls 208,Heavy bulls 224p

Top price cattle Per kg:
500kg Lim @ 284.5,JA Mitchell & Sons to Bowland Foods576kg
Lim @ 277.5,SR Atkinson to J Penny & Sons
594kg Lim @ 277.5(£1648) MA & SC Harryman to P Binns
Limx 594kg 274.5,S & S Hough
Limx 538kg 273.5p & Lim 580kg 272.5 both J & R Waind
Blonde 522kg 272.5,E Swales
Limx 552kg 271.5 S Wildman & Son
Lim 594kg 270.5,MA & SC Harryman
Lim 586kg 269.5 J & R Waind
540kg Lim @ 263.5,S Wildman & Son to R Pearson & Sons
590kg Lim @ 262.5p MJ Waldron to D Broster
536kg Lim @ 258.5p S & S Hough to J Robertshaw
Bazx 574kg @ 257.5 AK & J Wilson
Limx 568kg @ 253.5p MJ Waldron
554kg Lim @ 263.5 Heald & Co to CC Continental
568kg Lim @ 258.5 T & SM Sims to J & B Fitton
616kg BB @ 255.5 T & SM Sims to R Pearson & Sons
Lim 574kg 254.5,Heald & Co
BBx 676kg & Lim 582kg @ 253.5JR Roe
Lim 630kg 253.5,T & SM Sims
Lim 648kg 253.5,MJ Waldron
Lim 546kg 252.5 DK Busby
Lim 618kg 250.5 JG Green & Sons
Lim 660kg 250.5 JR Roe
Lim 642kg 250.5 D Screeton
Fries bulls:
516kg 207.5,506kg 204.5,578kg 199.5 all S Wiles & Son
542kg 192.5 SG Wilkinson
Lim cow 668kg 204.5,GH Crapper & Son
Char cow 678kg 195.5,RC Shucksmith
Blonde str 642kg 190.5,GH Crapper & Son
Lim cow 690kg 189.5,Witter Farms
Per head
Lim 694kg £1759(253.5p/kg) IR & AD Wildgoose
Lim 696kg £1708,WGS Platt & Sons
Lim 594kg £1648,Lim 614kg £1624,Lim 594kg £1606
MA & SC Harryman
Charx 628kg £1604,Webster & Trewhitt
Lim 576kg £1598,SR Atkinson
Lim 596kg £1588,Webster & Trewhitt
Limx 692kg £1622 ,Limx 674kg £1620
BBx 752kg £1575, GH Crapper & Son
Lim 660kg £1574 S Wildman & Son
Lim 660kg £1548(262.5p/kg) MJ Waldron
BB 750kg £1833,Lim 784kg £1830,ER Hyde & Son
Lim 742kg £1821,Lim 766kg £1796 S Dore & Sons
Bazx 722kg £1758 G Booth & Sons
Lim 722kg £1758,JR Roe
Fries bulls :
578kg £1153,S Wiles & Son
602kg £1104 DH & E Southwell
566kg £1078 S Wiles & Son
542kg £1043 SG Wilkinson
Lim cow 868kg £1636 KJ Jarvis
Lim 792kg £1421 A & GJ Ogg
Lim stock bull 916kg £1369,Witter Farms
Lim cow 668kg £1366,GH Crapper & Son

Lamb trade back on the week with more numbers forward
SQQ 199p
Lambs per kg
Beltex 45kg 240,M & K Farrar
Texx 44kg 227p S Wood
Beltexx 37kg 224p,GD Stephenson & Son
Texx 45kg 222p M & K Watson
Beltexx 39kg 220.5p JP Towse & Son
Per head:
Beltexx 50kg £109,M & K Farrar
Tex 52kg £108,S Beck
Texx 45kg £108,47kg £104M & K Farrar
Beltexx 49kg £104 GD Stephenson & Sons
Ewes Texx £98 & £92,Suffx £90,Charx £88

A lighter show of pigs were dearer on the week
Per kg
Gilts 104kg 143,110kg 142 & 140 NG Brankley & Sons
108kg 140,Crosshills Pigs
Per head:
108kg £151
111kg £150
119kg £149.50
Sows to 36p

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