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1168 head of stock forward
inc.286 Cattle,492 Sheep,390 Pigs
Cattle dearer with a few less about
Heifers averaged 228p/kg selling to
a top of 264.5p for 536kg BBx
BBx 484kg 263.5p
BBx 576kg 262.5p
Limx 446kg 261.5p
Limx 542kg 259.5p
BBx 574kg 259.5
BBx 558kg 253.5
Limx 466kg 252.5
Blonde 608kg 251.5
Top per head £1529(251.5) for 608kg Blonde
BBx576kg £1512
Blonde 598kg £1492
BBx 644kg £1490
BBx 574kg £1489
Limx 632kg £1488
Limx 640kg £1475
Steers sold to 246.5p for 530kg BBx
BBx 562kg 238.5p
BBx 562kg 238.5p
BBx 586kg 235.5
Limx 606kg 231.5
Limx 600kg 230.5
Limx 584kg 230.5
Limx 516kg 228.5
Limx 488kg 227.5
Blonde 522kg 227.5
Top per head £1676 for 808kg Lim(207p)
Best bulls scarcer selling to 230.5p
for 556kg Bazidaise cross bull
224.5p for 600 Bazidaise
Best per head £1699 for 856kg Limousin
£1643(218.5p/kg) for 752kg Limousin
More hoggs about with a top price per
head of £120(255p/kg) for 47kg Beltex
253.5p – 43kg Beltex
246p-45kg Texx
236p-41kg Texx
Ewes to £83 for Suffx,£77 Texx
Pigs a fraction dearer selling
to 120p for Bacon weight gilts
Sows to 40p avg. 32.5p

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