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⭐️A MARVELLOUS entry of stock in all departments with
487 CATTLE,876 SHEEP & 382 PIGS⭐️

Cattle numbers comprised of 261 clean cattle,174 Bulls
and 52 cows & otms.

🔥All classes dearer with the top end cattle in strong demand,
Heifers to 266.5p/kg,Steers 244.5p/kg & Bulls 241.5p/kg
Averages well up on the week.🔥

🏆Top price beast in the yard a 932kg Limousin bull
selling at £1896 or 203.5p/kg from CJ Brownbridge & Sons
to Worsley Wholesale Butchers🏆

🔥Cattle price per kg:🔥
Top price heifer: 
266.5p for 508kg Limx from A Graham to J & B Fitton,
262.5p for 556kg Limx ex TJ Denby & Son 
to James Robertshaw.
BBx 568kg 258.5, Limx 508kg 256.5
Limx 470kg 255.5Limx 466kg 255.5
Limx 508kg 254.5, Blonde 576kg 253.5
Top price steer:
Limx 532kg @ 244.5p from GH Crapper & Son 
to J Robertshaw
Blonde 522kg @ 242.5p from W & M Seels to J & B Fitton
Limx 562kg 238.5, Blonde 564kg 236.5
Limx 592kg 234.5,Limx 592kg 234.5
Limx 534kg 233.5,Blonde 640kg 233.5
Top price Bull per kg:
Limousin 568kg @ 241.5p ex Manby Farms Ltd 
to J & B Fitton
Limx 656kg 238.5p,G Lount to R Pearson & Sons
BBx 666kg 238.5p,J & JR Appleby to R Pearson & Sons
Lim 548kg 235.5,Limousin 644kg 234.5
Limousin 638kg 234.5 Limx 688kg 234.5
Limx 706kg 234.5,Lim 702kg 234.5
Blonde 634kg 233.5,Char 728kg 233.5
Limx hfr 534kg 213.5,Limx hfr 676kg 212.5
Blonde cow 738kg 185.5.
🔥Cattle prices per head 🔥
BBx 704kg £1517,J Liversedge & Sons
Bazidaise 672kg £1508,SL Worrell
BBx 662kg £1506,Blonde 640kg £1494
Limx 664kg £1470
Limx 694kg £1571,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
BBx 632kg £1538,WH Farrow & Sons,
Lim 594kg £1476,Lim 648kg £1474
BBx 568kg £1468,Lim 598kg £1462
Lim 932kg £1896 CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Limx 844kg £1844 J & JR Appleby
Blonde 906kg £1834,Lim 802kg £1832
Lim cow 732kg £1489,Lim cow 676kg £1436
Lim cow 730kg £1434,Blonde cow 738kg £1368
Lim cow 668kg £1339

🚀🐖An exceptional PIG trade🐖🚀 
With an overall average of 145p/kg or £138 per head
Pigs Per kg:
94kg @ 173p from Crosshills Pigs Ltd to R Haigh Farm Shop,
104kg 168,101kg 167,90kg & 102kg 166p.
Boars; 94kg 134p,95kg 130p.82kg 130p.
Gilts Per head 
102kg £170,104kg £169.50,100kg £165

💥A very sound lamb trade with an SQQ average of 
253p being 7-8p up on the week.💥
Overall average 252p/kg
Top price lambs per kg on the day
300p for 39kg Beltexx from RM Cornforth & Son &
300p for 43kg Texel cross from GJ Taylor
both lots selling to J & B Fitton.
Beltexx 38kg 297,Texx 48kg 285,
Blue Texx 39kg 284,Texx 45kg 284.
Top price per head:
£137 for 48kg Texx,£129 for 43kg Texx,
£128 for 45kg Texx all from GJ Taylor
Charx 49kg £126,ES Batley & Son
Texx 48kg £122,texx 51kg £121
Top price hoggs:
200p/kg for 39kg Beltexx from N Harland.
Top per head £98 for 57kg Contx from AC Jackson. 
Texel £90,Contx £88
Texels £86,Beltex £84

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