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Forward 1257 head of stock inc. 
461 Cattle,462 Pigs & 334 Sheep
A great entry of cattle for the first week in August with
244 Clean Cattle,179 Bulls and 38 Cows & Otms.
Trade staying firm with
181 Heifers averaging 228p/kg,
63 Steers averaging 212p/kg
179 bulls averaging 200.7,Heavy bulls 208.5p

💥Cattle price per kg:💥 
🔔Top price heifers:
578kg Lim @ 268.5p,FJ Rockliff & Son to J Penny & Sons
536kg BB @ 266.5p,SR Atkinson to J Robertshaw
490kg BB @ 263.5p,J & R Waind to A Traves
468kg Lim @ 263.5,JG Waudby to J Penny & Sons
Lim 478kg 262.5,Lim 484kg 261.5
BBx 494kg 259.5,Lim 540kg 259.5
🔔Top price steers:
614kg Lim @ 243.5p,626kg Lim @ 240.5 both from 
GR Wright & Son both selling to East Riding Country Pork
632kg Lim @ 237.5,GR Wright & Son to R Pearson & Sons
526kg Lim @ 237.5p,JK Spetch to A Traves
Limx 508kg @ 236.5,DE & M Brooke
Limx 508kg 236.5p,Limx 662kg 235.5
Limx 660kg 235.5,Limx 642kg 235.5
🔔Top price Bulls:
596kg Lim @ 245.5p,J Blackburn to R Agar Ltd
650kg Lim @ 241.5,T & SM Sims to CC Continental
724kg Lim @ 240.5,G Booth & Sons toR Pearson & Sons
584kg Lim @ 240.5 ,JEL Nicholson to Bowland Foods Ltd
594kg Lim @ 240.5p,J Blackburn to R Pearson & Sons
BB 586kg @ 239.5p,JEL Nicholson
Lim 652kg 238.5p,BB 692kg 238.5,Lim 594kg 238.5
Lim 596kg 238.5,Baz 600kg 238.5p,Lim 632kg 238.5. 
H/Fries 584kg @ 188.5p,562kg @ 188.5p,GH & M Stansfield
582kg @ 184.5p,E & TN Welburn
Limx hfr 664kg 224.5,Blonde str 764kg 210.5,
BBx str 838kg 194.5,
Lim cow 778kg 192.5,Lim cow 596kg 189.5
💥Top Cattle prices per head:💥
🔔Steers: Lim 732kg £1672,GR Wright & Son
Lim 812kg £1595,H Kealey & Sons
BBx 696kg £1590,GR Wright & Son
BBx 740kg £1587,G Beresford & Son
Blonde 718kg £1568,Paul Spink Ltd
Lim 662kg £1559,Lim 660kg £1554
Lim 682kg £1674,H Kealey & Sons
Lim 666kg £1575,CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Lim 622kg £1564,J & JI Booth
Lim 696kg £1562,H Kealey & Sons
Lim 644kg £1561,BB 602kg £1556,Ian Swales
Lim 578kg £1551,Lim 618kg £1529,Lim 600kg £1527
Lim 612kg £1526,Lim 646kg £1508
Lim 786kg,£1866,Lim 786kg £1803,both S Dore & Sons
Char 802kg £1792,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 746kg £1771,J & JR Appleby
Lim 748kg £1754,ER Hyde & Sons
Lim 724kg £1741,G Booth & Sons 
Char 806kg £1720,ER Hyde & Son.
H/Fries 680kg £1152,RG Copeland & Son,
678kg @ £1122,R Ward,
662kg @ £1102,RF Corney& Son 
BBx str 838kg £1629,G Beresford & Son
Blonde str 764kg £1608,Paul Spink Ltd
Lim cow 778kg £1497,GH Crapper & Son
Sim cow 762kg £1436,GH Crapper & Son
More pigs forward meeting a sound trade 
to average 125p overall 
💥Top price per kg: 
Gilts 104kg @ 150p,C & J Creaser to Rose Cottage Butchers
107kg @ 149,,C & J Creaser to W Nixon & Sons Ltd
110kg @ 147,Crosshills Pigs Ltd to W Fletcher & Son,Malton
107kg @ 147p,NG Brankley & Sons
💥Per head :
Gilts 107kg @£160,109kg @ £158,104kg @ £156
Sows to 50p
Less numbers forward with prices back on the week
Well fleshed heavier sorts dearest on the day
⚡️Top price lambs per head:
Texel 49kg £117,S Wood,Texx 53kg £117,RC Reed & Sons
Tex 48kg £115,Texx 50kg £115,Texx 49kg & 52kg £114
⚡️Top price per kg 
Texx 43kg 255p,AF & M Simpson
Tex 44kg 247,K Pickering
Tex 48kg 239,Texel 49kg 238.
⚡️Ewes/Tups:Suffx £120,Halfbred £100,Texx £92

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