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Forward 932  Head of Stock INC:

276  Cattle comp. 129  Clean cattle,109  Bulls, 38 cows and otms.410  Sheep,inc 310  hoggs & 100  ewes
243  pigs inc 38  sows & boars
Strs  M 227.5 av 215,H 234.5 av 196
 Hfrs M 261.5 av 223.5,H 257.5 av 219.6.
Bulls: M  210.5p avg 150.6p,  H 231.5p  av 182p.
Cows :166.5p av 131.5p .
Otm  211.5p av 170p.
Hoggs :39-45.5kg to 263p avg 219p. 45.6-52kg 259p av 226p
Ewes £110  avg £78.82.
 Pigs: Baconers 150p  avg 131p Heavies 148p  av 124p Sows 77  av 72.
Top Prices:
Cattle prices per kg:
Hfrs :Blonde 456kg 261.5,Limx 484kg 257.5,Limx 504kg 256.5
Limx 466kg 247.5 
Steers Limx Charx 600 234.5,Limx 566kg 232.5,Limx 676kg 231.5.
Bulls:BBx 610kg 231.5,BB 686kg 227.5,Baz 570kg 220.5.
Cows/OTM:Limx hfr 548kg 211.5,Limx hfr 608kg 199.5,
Blonde cow 714kg 166.5
Per head:
Heifers:Blonde 668kg £1533,Limx 676kg £1504,Limx 742kg £1502,
Limx 638kg £1425
Steers:Limx 866kg £1779,Limx 808kg £1652,Limx 676kg £1564,
Limx 798kg £1552,Limx 766kg £1528.
Bull:AAx 932kg £1663,Limx 768kg £1662,Limx 898kg £1656
Limx 750kg £1623,Limx 730kg £1595.
Bazidaise cow 774kg £1489,Limx hfr 608kg £1212,BB cow 682kg £1210.
Per head:Betexx 46kg £119,Texx 47kg £116,Charx 51kg £115,
Texx 48kg £113.
Per kg: Texx 43kg 262,Texx 46kg 258,Beltexx 38kg 247,Texx 47kg 246 Ewes:Texx £110,Cont £96

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