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Wednesday 6th May – Market Report


Market Report

Forward: 1606 head of stock inc: 522 Cattle, 386 Pigs & 698 Sheep

Steers: Med 233.5p av 205.7p, Heavy 225.5p av 194p
Heifer: Med 229.5p av 197p, Heavy 256.5p av 208p
Bulls: Med 198.5p av 159p, Heavy 209.5p av 181p.
OTM: 166.5p av 134.9p.
Cows: 169.5p av 124.9p.
New Season Lambs: 39-45kg 300p avg 266p.
Hoggs: Med 245p av 196p, Heavy 228p avg 192p.
Ewes: to £108 av £71.78
Pigs: 76-85kg 145p av 130p, 86-104kg 154p av 135.7p, over 104kg 152p av 130p
Sows to 76p av 54p

♦️ Cattle price per kg:
Top price Steer 233.5p/kg for 478kg Limx from D Sandham to J Robertshaw,Bradford also BBx 542kg @227.5p, Limx 596kg @ 225.5p.
Top price Heifer per kg 256.5p/kg for 496kg Limx from HW & AJ Eadon to J & B Fitton, Also Blonde 492kg @255.5p, Limx 492kg @ 254.5p, Limx 492kg@ 254.5p, Blonde 574kg @253.5p.
Top price Bull per kg 209.5p for 690kg Limx from DA Platt to CC Continental Superstore,also to 209.5p for 596kg Limx from RM Cornforth & Son to R Pearson & Son also to 208.5p for 574kg Limx, 205.5p for 660kg Limx.
OTMS Charx str 744kg @166.5p, Limx cow 664kg @161.5p

♦️Per head:
Steers: BBx 866kg @£1623 CG Goodrick & Son, Limx 766kg @£1535, Limx 798kg @ £1520, BBx 694kg @ £1516.
Heifers: BBx 646kg @ £1469,AP & RA Dunn, Limx 592kg @ £1459, Limx 638kg @£1457, Blonde 574kg @ £1455.
Bulls: Limousin 1062kg @£1853, Heald & Co,Blonde 884kg @ £1719, Lim 856kg @£1613, Char 854kg @£1601.
OTMS: Lim Stock Bull 1120kg @£1416, Lim cow 804kg @£1362.

♦️ Pigs Per kg: Gilts: 100kg @154p/kg from C & J Creaser to R Haigh Farm Shop, Mirfield also 97kg to 152p/kg, 107kg to 152p/kg .
Per head: Gilts 105kg @£158.50, 108kg @ £157.97
Sows to 76p av 54p

♦️ New season lambs:
Top price lambs per kg on the day 300p for 40kg Texx from DE & M Brooke to J & B Fitton Also to 292p for 39kg Beltex, 290p for 41kg Texels .
Top price per head £125 for 44kg Beltexx from RM Cornforth & Son to J & B Fitton also to £124 for 45kg Texx, £123 for 47kg Charx.

♦️Top price Hoggs per kg 245p(£98) to GW Broadfield & Son Also to 228p for 46kg Texx, 221p for 42kg Beltex.
Top price per head:£112 for 54kg Texx from JE Brown &Son also 54kg Texels to £111, 55kg Texelx £110.
Ewes: Contx £108, Texx £106, Texel £102

💥A big THANKYOU to Staff, Customers & Buyers for all your help on an extremely busy day.💥

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