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Forward 1178 Head of Stock INC:

358  Cattle comp. 179 Clean cattle,145 Bulls, 34 cows and otms. 

409 Sheep comp 303  lambs and 106  ewes, 411  Pigs & 24 Sows . 

Strs  M 218.5p av 202p,  H 235.5  av  199.6p
Hfrs M 264.5 av 224.5p, H 263.5p av 222.1p 
Bulls: M  189.5p avg 144.7p,  H 219.5p  av 175.3p.
Cows :126.5p av 104p . Otm  202.5p av 154.5p
New season lambs :
39-45.5kg to 209p avg 173.1p
45.6-52kg 198p av 176.5p
Ewes £85  avg £43.71 
Cutters 121p  av 114.7p Baconers 139p  avg 115.2p
 Heavies 130p  av 116.5p Sows 89  avg  75.7p
Top Prices:  
Cattle prices per kg:
Hfrs:BBx 476kg 264.5.Limx 488kg 263.5,Limx 486kg 253.5
Charx 506kg 251.5,Limx 496kg 250.5 
Steers:Baz 624kg 235.5,Limx 588kg 228.5,BBx 584kg 224.5
Limx 602kg 224.5,Limx 448kg 223.5
Bulls: Charx 656kg 218.5,Stx 564kg 218.5,Limx 578kg 215.5
Limx 682kg 215.5,Lim 674kg 215.5,Limx 714kg 214.5
Cows:Limx 590kg 157.5,Limx 642kg 152.5
OTM.Blonde hfr 650kg 202.5,Limx hfr 648kg 185.5
Per head:
Heifers:Limx 690kg £1493,Limx 668kg £1466 ,
Baz 608kg £1462,Limx 582kg £1440
Steers: Limx 760kg £1630,Limx 764kg £1554
Limx 740kg £1550,Limx 776kg £1517
Bull:BBx 794kg £1671,Limx 786kg £1662,Limx 714kg £1531
Limx 682kg £1469.
OTM:Blonde hfr 650kg £1316,Limx 648kg £1202
Cows:Lim 854kg £1054,Lim bull 1200kg £1134
Lambs: Per head: Beltexx 48kg £95,45kg £94.Texx 56kg £92
Per kg: Beltexx 45kg 208,48kg 197,Texx 46kg 191
Ewes:Texx ewes £85.Tex tups £79,Suffx ewes £78

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