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FORWARD 1102 head of stock inc.
381 Cattle,390 Pigs & 331 Sheep

Cattle trade holding very well with a few less clean cattle forward and a large show of 179 bulls.Clean cattle prices within a penny or two of last week’s prices with heifer average the same and steers a bit less.
Heavy bulls would average less on the week but top end still 250-270p, overall bull average of 228.9p/kg would be lifted by a great trade for black &white bulls with a good show for quality seeing
the best over 200p topping at 223.5p.

Heifers to 293.5p/kg & £1926
Steers to 278.5p/kg & £1808
Bulls to 271.5p & £2246
52 Steers avg 235p/kg
105 Heifers avg 256.5p/kg
179 Bulls 228.9p/kg
Heavy bulls 238
FRIES 196.6p
Limx 536kg 293.5 J & R Waind to Binns of Saltaire
BB 508kg 292.5 AL Ablewhite to Thompson Wholesale
Lim 606kg 290.5 T & MA Gratton to J Penny & Son
Lim 526kg 290.5,BB 578kg 286.5,JG Waudby
Lim 578kg 290.5 J Gowthorpe & Son
BB 602kg 289.5,Lim 532kg 289.5 Ian Swales
BB 576kg 289.5,Lim 578kg 289.5 J & R Waind
Lim 590kg 288.5,Lim 590kg 286.5Blonde 590kg 283.5 FJ Rockliff & Son
Lim 522kg 287.5 J Gowthorpe & Son
BB 520kg 286.5,BB 492kg 285.5BB 508kg 284.5 AL Ablewhite
Limousin 544kg 286.5 TJ Denby & Son
Lim 544kg 285.5 E Swales
Limousin 592kg 285.5 JW Fieldson
Lim 562kg 278.5 JG Waudby to R Pearson
Lim 596kg 274.5 CA Holmes to J Robertshaw
BB 508kg 272.5 AL Ablewhite to A Traves
Blonde 564kg 272.5 Dean Partnership
Lim 626kg 270.5 T & MA Gratton
Lim 588kg 267.5,Lim 588kg 265.5 S Wildman & Son
BB 514kg 265.5 AL Ablewhite
Lim 586kg 264.5,Char 600kg 259.5 HS Thirsk & Son
Lim 680kg 258.5 Kyle Farming
Lim 670kg 257.5,BB 630kg 254.5 GR Wright & Son
Lim 588kg 271.5,Lim 568kg 267.5 Heald & Co both to J & B Fitton
Lim 568kg 269.5 CW Foster to 269.5 to R Pearson
Lim 564kg 264.5,Lim 628kg 262.5,Lim 566kg 259.5 DK Busby
Lim 528kg 264.5,566kg 264.5,530kg 263.5 Manby Farms
Lim 638kg 263.5 CW Foster
Lim 662kg 262.5,Lim 728kg 261.5 JR & DM Roe
Lim 732kg 260.5,Lim680kg 260.5,Lim 694kg 259.5 J & JI Booth
Limousin 770kg 260.5 JW Fieldson
Lim 646kg 259.5 E Stonehouse & Son
Blonde 622kg 259.5 SR Atkinson
Limousin 630kg 259.5 TJ Denby & Son
Lim 618kg 259.5 RF Corney & Son.
576kg 223.5 M & J Coxon
588kg 223.5,530kg 217.5 JA Driffield & Son
546kg 218.5,,492kg 215.5 E & TN Welburn
602kg 216.5 R Addy
508kg 216.5 W Bray & Son
608kg 215.5,574kg 215.5 DH & E Southwell
542kg 214.5 MJ Waldron
484kg 213.5 SG Wilkinson
Lim hfr 576kg 252.5 FJ Rockliff & Son
Lim bull 1094kg 239.5 Heald & Co
Lim hfr 718kg 233.5,Lim cow 628kg 218.5
Lim cow 702kg 217.5 GH Crapper & Son
Lim cow 872kg 219.5,SR Atkinson
Limousin 702kg £1926 G & S Gilleard
Lim 680kg £1798,Lim 670kg £1738 CJ Brownbridge & Sons
Lim 606kg £1760 T & MA Gratton
BB 606kg £1742,Ian Swales
Lim 628kg £1742 Kyle Farming
Lim 614kg £1740 J & R Waind
Limousin 624kg £1737 TJ Denby & Son
Lim 590kg £1702,Lim 590kg £1690 FJ Rockliff & Son
Lim 606kg £1693 F Newbold
Limousin 592kg £1690 JW Fieldson
Lim 680kg £1757 Kyle Farming
Lim 678kg £1757 H Jackson & Sons
Lim 670kg £1725 GR Wright & Son
Lim 626kg £1693 T & MA Gratton
Lim 734kg £1669 HS Thirsk
Lim 664kg £1650 WH Burkitt & Son
BB 658kg £1641 Dean PartnershipLim
596kg £1636 CA Holmes
Lim 674kg £1614 ES Dyson & Sons
Lim 950kg £2246 R & A White
Lim 868kg £2165,Lim 798kg £2046Lim 796kg £2009 S Dore & Sons
Lim 828kg £2107,Lim 732kg £1906 J & JI Booth
Lim 876kg £2054,Lim 838kg £1998 CN & J Ottewell
Lim 796kg £2025,Lim 728kg£1903 JR & DM Roe
Limousin 770kg £2005 JW Fieldson
Lim 774kg £1923 J & JR Appleby
Limousin 776kg £1897 A & GJ Ogg
692kg £1422 L Pearse & Son
588kg £1314 JA Driffield
630kg £1313 RG Copeland & Son
608kg £1310 DH & E Southwell
602kg £1303 R Addy
576kg £1287 M & J Coxon
644kg £1259 W Verity & Son
614kg £1243 MJ Waldron
608kg £1237 P Martin
Lim bull 1094kg £2620 Heald & Co
Lim cow 872kg £1914 SR Atkinson
Limousin cow 876kg £1861 JW Fieldson
Lim cow 718kg £1676,Lim cow 702kg £1526 GH Crapper & Son
BBx cow 798kg £1536 England Bros.
New season lambs
PER KG:Texx 39kg 438,38kg 436,39kg 430,38kg 421 G Benson & Son
Per head Texx 39kg £171,39kg £168,38kg £166,38kg 316 G Benson & Son
Beltexx 44kg 350,44kg 340,50kg 328 M & K Farrar
Texx 48kg 331,47kg 327,RQ Richmond
Texx 48kg 327 PA & LJ Beckett
Texx 47kg 323 Kealey & Ptrs
Texx 47kg 323 R Howdle
Beltexx 46kg 315 Holm Farm
Beltexx 50kg £164 M & K Farrar
Texx 48kg £159,49kg £158 RQ Richmond
Texx 48kg £157 PA & LJ Beckett
Charx 52kg £156,AE Waite & Son
Texx 47kg £152 Kealey & Ptrs
Texx 47kg £152 R Howdle.
Ewes :
Tex ram £166 G Benson & Son
Cont ram L Sewell
Contx ewe £160 Holm Farm
Texx ewe £140 A King
PIGS dearer on the week with best gilt pigs 150p plus per kg to a top of 160p per kg three times to give an
average overall of 358 head @ 128.5p/kg
110kg 160,104kg 159 J Arnott
106kg 160,C & J Creaser95kg 159
90kg 159 Crosshills pigs
93kg 155 PJ Hardy.
Per head
76-85kg to £127
86-104kg to £159
over 104kg to £177
Sows to 55

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