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Wednesday 8th April – Market Report


Forward 1259 head of stock inc.
313 Cattle 🐂, 363 Pigs 🐖 & 583 Sheep 🐑

🐄 Averages:Steers M 254.5p av 232p, H 235.5p av 207.5p, Hfrs M 247.5p av 200.4p, H 263.5p av 212p Bulls M 215 av 170.5, H 224.5 av 194.2p

🐑 Hoggs M 216p av 198.7p, Heavy 232p av 188p
Ewes to £112 av £84.33

🐖 Pigs 76-85kg 171p av 130, 86-104kg 172 av 141p, over 104kg 159p av 120
Sows 76p av 73.7p

Cattles price per kg:
Top price Steer 254.5p for 506kg Limx from JH & JF Pridgeon,Lincs to D Broster Ltd,Huddersfield.
Also Limx 474kg 236.5p, BBx 608kg 235.5p, BBx 590kg 232.5p.

✨Top price Heifer per kg 263.5p for 512kg Blonde from JH & JF Pridgeon to J Penny & Sons. ✨

Also BBx 564kg 262.5p, Limx 506kg 260.5,Limx 454kg 247.5p, Limx 520kg 245.5p, Limx 542kg 245.5p

✨Top price Bull 224.5p/kg per kg for 600kg BBx from R Button & Son to J & B Fitton, ✨

BBx 614kg 223.5p, Limx 748kg 220.5p, Limx 730kg 216.5p

OTMS Limx Hfr 502kg 228.5p , Limx Cow 542kg 169.5p

Per head:
Strs Limx 752kg £1680, Limx 722kg £1671, BBx 706kg £1627, Limx 748kg £1626, Limx 718kg £1611
Hfrs Limx 622kg £1508, BBx 622kg £1508, BBx 564kg £1480, Limx 634kg £1442, Limx 638kg £1432, BBx 598kg £1432
Bulls Limousin 914kg £1777, Lim 812kg £1725, Lim 846kg £1687, Lim 802kg £1572
OTMS Lim stock bull 1008kg £1456

Pigs Per kg:
✨Gilts: 98kg 172p from Crosshills Pigs ltd to W Nixon & Sons Ltd✨
98kg 171p, 102kg 171p, 90kg 171
Per head: Gilts 98kg £168.56, £166.73
Sows to 76p av 73p

New season lambs:
✨Top price lambs on the day 314p/kg or £132 for 42kg Texx
from G Benson & Son to EV Slack & Sons✨

Also to 311p for 42kg Texx,304p/kg for 42kg Contx

✨Top price £116 or 232p/kg for 50kg Texx from JK Spetch to Turners Butchers,Malton ✨
Also to 220p for 50kg Texx, 215p for 45kg Beltexx
214p for 43kg Beltexx. £110 for 66kg Texelx, £109 for 51kg Contx.
Ewes: £112 for Texel cross, £110 Contx, £108 Suffx

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Selby Livestock Auction Mart, Bawtry Road, Selby YO8 8NB

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