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Forward 1508  Head of Stock INC:

431  Cattle comp. 223  Clean cattle,156 Bulls, 52 cows and otms.

550  Sheep,inc 499 hogs & 51 ews,527 pigs inc 37  sows & boars-

Strs  M 232.5 av 202.8,H 223.5 av 195.4 
Hfrs M 254.5 av 201,H 254.5 av 212.7.
Bulls: M  193.5p avg 150.4p,  H 228.5p  av 186.7p.
Cows :158.5p av 120.6p
Otm  194.5p av 134.2p
Hoggs :
39-45.5kg to 242p avg 202
45.6-52kg 228p av 195p
Ewes £144  avg £96.31 
Cutters 128p  av 115p
Baconers 148p  avg 115p
Heavies 134p  av 113.5p
Sows 81 av 75.7.
Top Prices: 
Cattle prices per kg:
Limx 478kg 254.5,Limx 494kg 254.5,Baz 508kg 253.5,Charx 536kg 248.5
Limx 498kg 246.5,BBx 556kg 245.5 
BBx 524kg 232.5,BBx 490kg 229.5,BBx 544kg 227.5,Limx 534 223.5
BBx 596kg 223.5,Limx 568kg 223.5
Bulls:Lim 632kg 228.5,Limx 642kg 224.5,Limx 628kg 222.5
Charx 792kg 216.5.
Cows:Lim 712kg 158.5,BBx 796kg 156.5,Limx 744kg 149.5
OTM:Limx hfr 630kg 194.5,Limx hfr 528kg 187.5
Per head:
BBx 730kg £1573,Limx 590kg £1424,Limx 588kg £1408
Steers:Limx 768kg £1585,Limx 726kg £1528,Blonde 684kg £1487
Bull:Charx 792kg £1714,Limx 802kg £1688,Lim 806kg £1648,
Lim 732kg £1614.
OTM/COW:BBx cow 796kg £1245,Lim cow 890kg £1170.
Per head:Beltexx 45kg £109,Texx 47kg £107,Texx 47kg £106.
Per kg: Beltexx 45kg 242,Beltexx 38kg 236,Texx 42kg 231
Ewes:Texx £144,Suffx £134 & £126

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