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Wednesday 9th January

Good yard full of stock again
331 Cattle,556 Sheep & 388 Pigs
A few more sheep about saw hoggs selling to
240p/kg or £120 for 56kg,54kg & 50kg Beltexx
Blue Texels to £115 per head(239.6p/kg) for 48 kg
Also Beltex 47kg £106,225p/kg
Texel 55kg £103
Ewes a lively trade selling to £92 avg £58.53
Some good runs of clean cattle saw heifers selling
to 260.5p/kg(£1448) for 556kg Limx
259.5p/kg for 556kg Limx (259.5p)
257.5p/kg 518kg Limx
257.5p/kg 450kg Limx
Best per head £1521(254.5p) for 598kg Limx
£1513 for 614kg BBx
£1504 for 628kg Charx
Steeers to 230.5p/kg(£1332) for 578kg BBx
227.5p/kg 550kg Limx
226.5p/kg 546kg BBx
223.5p/kg 688kg Limx
Best per head £1537 for 688kg Limx
£1505 for 786kg Charx
£1501 for 784kg Bazidaise
Bulls dearer on the week selling to
234.5p/kg(£1754) for 748kg Lim
233.5p/kg(£1676) for 718kg Limx
232.5p/kg 618kg Limx
232.5/kg 764kg Limx & 758kg BBx
Best per head £1776 for 764kg Limx
£1762 for 758kg BBx
£1754 for 748kg Limx
Cow trade still good with best cows to
£1383 for 816kg Limx
121 hfrs avg 221p
52 steers avg 198p
114 bulls 187.8p,Heavy bulls 205p
Pigs no less with Bacon weight gilt pigs to 128p
Heavies 124 & Porkers 122
Cutters avg 116p
Baconers 110p
Heavies 100p
Sows avg 36.2 topping at 42.5p

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Selby Livestock Auction Mart, Bawtry Road, Selby YO8 8NB

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