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2 Lim Hfrs, 10mths, I Wilkinson

16 Lim Hfrs, 10-13mths, S & P Padfield

5 Lim/SimX Strs , 12mths, Riby Grange

3 B Galloway Cows in calf to B Galloway, Dalton Park

2 Lim Bulls10-11mths, P Oxley

4 Lim Hfrs 11mths, J & L Cardwell

10 Blonde AquitaineX Hfrs, 12-15mth, R Burton

Store & Breeding Sheep inc

120 Store & Breeding Pigs

Pigs 9am  Sheep 9.45am  Cattle 10.45am

Entries Welcomed

Contact Office for Details

MART OFFICE: 01757 703347
RICHARD HAIGH 07768 594535

info@selbymart.co.uk 01757 703347
Selby Livestock Auction Mart, Bawtry Road, Selby YO8 8NB

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